Health care in Argentina


Apr 7, 2008
Health care in Argentina, Does anyone have any actual experience to compare the quality of health care in Argentina with North America and Europe?
Very much depends on your needs and points of reference. Personally I find the private care here miles better than public services back in the UK, but thats not really a meaningful comparison.
I have written on my own experience with health care in BA vs. the US. I have had excellent care in Argentina but at the best private clinics in the country. I also pay quite a lot for private health insurance. My experience has been that doctors give patients much more time in Argentina and are generally more respectful toward patients. The best clinics (Instituto Argentino de Diagnostico y Tratamiento, for example) have modern facilities and up to date technology. In general health care at top clinics (and I would stress that some of the clinics that are cited in this website as being the best are in fact NOT first tier institutions) is good. If you are planning to buy insurance, avoid policies that are linked exclusively to one clinic such as the German and British hospitals. You want more flexibility and choice than they can offer.
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