Hello, a few questions...


Jul 21, 2009
Hello my fiance and I just arrived and are renting a place near the zoo. We are going to be here for several months and plan to travel around the country with our home base here in BA. I had just a few questions, first is about horses. I know there is a group that rides every Sat. but my fiance is a very experienced rider and was wondering if there were any places that might offer dressage lessons, or even polo lessons? Also was curious if anyone knew of anywhere to fish? As our schedule is VERY loose i was hoping to spend some time fishing?

I should have probably started by saying that this forum has been very helpful and one of the main reasons we decided to quit our jobs, sell our house and move to BA. Thank you!!

Go and check out in and around the hipodromo argentino and the campo argentino de polo (avenida del Libertador - next to Las Cañitas)...I know someone who is taking there some horse riding lessons.
Hi, and Bienvenidos a Argentina.

I've had some good horse-rides in La Punilla, Northwestern Cordoba. The area is a bit dry and landlocked but with nice lakes and small tourist towns such as Villa Carlos Paz or Villa General Belgrano (German Colony). You can decide the level of challenge when riding there since the ground is only slightly mountainous (where the Pampas meet the hills of the "Pre-Coordillera"). It's easier to just go for a short trip and make arrangements in situ.

For a Polo expert you may contact Fernando Nieto, he works for a reputable expat real estate "consulting agency" runned by Geoffrey McRae, I'm sure he'll be able to connect you with the finest of everything equine in these Pampas.
Fernando Nieto : [email protected]

And the best for the last, Steve Rosberg and his son. He runs various "real assets" trusts and a trip to his vineyards in Mendoza or his forests in Corrientes always include a traditionally mandatory horseride. Near the Andes would be specially nice. As a bonus, his son runs an elite tourism company that caters fishing in Patagonia, activity that rendered me the highest peace of mind I've ever achieved :eek:

PM me for Steve's contact if you like.

All in all, Welcome!
Hi neighbors, welcome to baires. We live across Santa Fe from the Botánico.

Some friends from California have been coming down with increasing frequency over the last couple years for horse and polo experiences at a small estancia near the capital. They rave about the horses and trainers and riding possibilities. I haven't been there, and I haven't been able to reach my friends for several days, so I assume they are traveling now.

They made the original arrangements to visit the estancia when they were staying at the Hotel del Casco up in San Isidro (stunning place! see http://www.hoteldelcasco.com/). While there, they asked about riding, and possibly learning polo, and a staff member recommended an estancia that belongs to his family. My friends have stayed at the estancia overnight a couple times since then.

SO, I would recommend you call the Del Casco and tell them that a staff member recommended a family estancia for horseback riding and polo lessons to friends who had stayed there. It's a small hotel, and I'm sure they can hook this up for you. When I hear back from my friends, I'll update this post with direct contact info for the estancia.
Welcome to Buenos Aires! Yes, I can put you in touch with instructors for polo lessons - there are estancias that do them, but this is for people who take lessons on an ongoing basis, out in the campo about an hour from the city (as most places for polo lessons will be)...I took a lesson a few months back and was able to hit the ball on my first day (and I am not a rider, by any means!)

I also have a friend who is opening a fly-fishing ecolodge this summer in Entre Rios, major advantage being that it is only ~2 hours from the city.

PM me if you would like the contact information.
tina8 said:

Go and check out in and around the hipodromo argentino and the campo argentino de polo (avenida del Libertador - next to Las Cañitas)...I know someone who is taking there some horse riding lessons.

They don't offer lessons at either of those places.

If your fiancee is interested in dressage - there are 3 riding clubs downtown - Club Hipico Argentina (next to River), Club Buenos Aires y Club Aleman. I know they offer dressage lessons at all of them. You can take lessons for a set amount of time (I want to say 6 or 8 lessons) and then you have to join. All are private clubs and there is a monthly membership fee on top of your lessons.

There are lots of options for polo but all will be out of the city - is that a problem? I can put you in touch with some people if you like. Would you be looking to take regular lessons?
The 3 clubs that Citygirl mentioned are options for equitation (jumping, dressage, etc.). Many of the “Polo Estancias” cater to patrones (very wealthy individuals from N.A. and Europe) who come to Argentina during the high goal season (Sept. – Dec.) to play, look at horses, enjoy asados and go to the Argentine Open.
I also know someone in Pilar that gives hourly polo lessons at a reasonable rate. Let me know if you want his contact info. Cheers.
Agreed, for polo you definitely will have to go outside of Cap Fed. Lots of options from rough & ready to super high-end estancias.

As far as the downtown clubs - depends what you mean by "advanced rider" What level are you talking about with dressage? First Level? Prix St. George? Intermediate? Depending on where he is, taking lessons may not be the best choice as the school horses will obviously be of limited scope. If he is interested in leasing a horse to school advanced movments, there are lots more options (and again, he may want to work directly with a dressage trainer outside of downtown as opposed to at a club.)
jimdepalermo said:
When I hear back from my friends [who ride at the private estancia], I'll update this post with direct contact info for the estancia.

Just got a message from my friends. It's a working estancia in Las Cañuelas, about 80 km from the city. The contact is Nicolas Butler at [email protected]. He's also reachable at the Hotel del Casco, 4732-3993.