Hello ... and a photo question


Apr 7, 2010
Hi everyone,

I just moved to BA for a few months (until July) and love it here so far. I'm a photographer from Germany, but lived in the US for the last decade.

One question: I want to build a small, temporary darkroom in my bathroom and am looking for a small, cheap enlarger. Any ideas where I could find one? Any and all help is much appreciated.


On Libertad there are many camera & photo equipment stores. I don't know specifically if they have enlargers but I would bet they do or they can tell you where to find them. Start at Libertad & Lavalle and walk in the opposite direction of traffic (the numbers decrease), they you will find the photo shops.

If you do set up your dark room, can I ask you to print one picture for me?
Definitely start on Libertad. There are a few places on Talcahuano (the next street away from the microcenter/downtown) in the ~200 block.

And then if you are still looking, there's a professional quality shop that sells mostly new stuff on Riobamba (one passed Callao going away from microcenter/downtown) between Lavalle & Corrientes on the EAST side of the street about the middle of the block. (That's the LEFT side as you go with traffic.)
before you start huffing it all over b.a. check out http://www.mercadolibre.com.ar/ and see if they have anything and get an idea of the price you want to pay.

and if you do go to a store, bring a local with you so you won't get the gringo price.