Hello Boys And Girls


Oct 6, 2013
Well, first of all I enjoyed BA. The icing on the cake was almost this nut case Cristine, who blew my mind... Yes I lived there with a lease but when I discovered the cameras and Audio I freaked out. I was over heard that I would rip it out of the wall. How would u like everything u said being heard?????
CT has contacted my friends and family with out ragious stuff that makes sense of her tails of NO FAMILY she tried to kill her brother , ect. over the top crazy crap.I will not waste my breath on this...
Making the door where it would not lock and coming in every time I left....TALK ABOUT A PANIC ATTACK.
She knew everything I said and did...I never knew there were people like this except in books. If u doubt me let me show her wrap sheet and lease at 1922 Arenalas. The green lights on the wall record your conversations as well!
As far as the other HATERS.. I am not poor nor rich , I am just a girl having a good time around the world. I have met several of you guys from BAEXPATS that are kind and genuine folks and do not match nut jobs like this.

She is out on trip advisor and more now I have the time to do it.... Maybe I could have made a GREAT SEX TAPE. lol

Sorry it took me some time to respond but her craziness is undescribed....

Hybrid Ambassador

Sep 24, 2012
Kate101, are you on the topic that went on a couple of months ago ? Was that about the episode that the LL was trying to
get you to move out?