Hello from Chicago - Tennis in English?


Jul 30, 2009
I'm moving to BA from Chicago in October. I'm planning to stay for 6 months. I've been researching and networking like crazy to find out as much informaiton as possible. It's definitely endless, but it's part of the experience.

I just received my TEFL Certification. So, I'm trying to find a teaching job just like everyone else. However, I would like to teach tennis as well. I hope to get connected with some tennis clubs in BA and offer tennis classes in English. Why not combine both?! Anyone know of tennis clubs in BA?

Questions after reading some of the threads:
1) Is it really true you can't get a 1 way ticket to BA if you're traveling as a tourist?
2) Which American bank ATM's are in BA? Chase?
3) I was considering living in Rosario as well. Any opinions about this city?

Thanks for all the information on this forum! It's definitely helpful.
I flew to B.A. twice on a one-way ticket and I didn't have any problems. Through this forum I read that "Delta" doesn't allow one-way travels to B.A. When I flew "American Airlines" the first time, no questions were asked. This last time when I checked in through one of the "United" self-check-ins, the machine wouldn't process my ticket because I didn't have a return flight. A person behind the counter had to manually process my ticket. She asked if I had a return flight or where I was continuing on to. I told her that I'd take Buquebus to Uruguay. She didn't ask any further questions.

Before moving here I got a Charles Schwab checking account. When you withdraw money from any ATM, Charles Schwab incurs the ATM fees and transaction fees.

Good Luck
Hi Anna -
There aren't that many tennis clubs here. Most tennis courts are either private to apartment buildings, or in larger athletic "clubes" frequented primarily by Argentines. I am sure there are a few others I am not aware of, but just to give you a general idea....

Regarding US/international banks...Citi and HSBC are here, but they will charge you ridiculously high ATM fees for withdrawing money, even if you have an account with them! (Speak from personal experience.) Surprising, but true. I thought I'd just get charged a couple dollars, but it ends up being a high percentage of what you withdraw. The Charles Schwab info is new to me - and a terrific tip. Definitely worth looking into.

Rosario is a lovely city, but I'd suggest landing in BA first. Much bigger, more opportunities. You can easily take a train to Rosario once you are here to check it out for yourself.

good luck!
In the northern suburbs of the city there are many tennis clubs.
There is a tennis club on Niceto Vega I think in the 5400 or 5500 block. It's called Puente Tenis Club (or something close) and has 3 clay courts. They also have tennis lessons but I doubt they are in English...
If you're teaching in English, you would probably want to be in a city where there is a need for that (aka, Capital where you will find most foreigners). There are indeed a fair amount of tennis clubs - best bet is to start making calls and see if they are hiring.
Hey Anna,

I'm from Chicago as well. I am moving in mid-september. I booked a one way flight through Air Canada which was no problem and about 1000 cheaper than American and United One way Flights. I think I got it during a special. It is worth looking into, the only drawback is you have to fly to Toronto first, which is only an hour and half flight from Chicago. I sent you a PM.