Hello From London! (+ Advice Wanted)


Aug 4, 2017
Hi everyone!

I'm so pleased to have found a friendly BA expat community, especially with such an active forum. Great to see.

My name's Tom and I'm a Londoner who's planning to move to BA for a year or so, in September 2018, with my girlfriend. We both speak intermediate Spanish and love the idea of spending a year in Argentina, getting our Spanish to fluent and sampling the famous BA arts and culture. A few questions I wanted to ask in preparation for heading out there:

1) I'm a qualified teacher with three years experience as a Primary Teacher in London. I also have a TEFL qualification and experience in teaching English in summer schools in England, Spain and Ecuador. How easy would it be to get a full-time, year-long teaching contract in a British Council or similar school? When would these positions be advertised and when is the Argentine school term running from and to? Are they usually happy to offer year-long working visas?

2) My girlfriend works in the Arts and is keen to do be involved in museum/gallery/events work. How easy is that sort of work to secure in BA? And again, are those sorts of organisations likely to offer working visas to successful applicants?

3) How easy is it to rent in BA? I'm imagining that we'd stay somewhere temporarily for a few weeks then find somewhere more permanent while out there, but any advice from anyone who's been in that position would be great.

Many thanks for any guidance you can offer.