hello from Missouri; moving to BA soon!


Aug 13, 2009
Hi everyone,

Just thought I'd introduce myself here. My name is Liz and I'm planning to move to BA in September. It'll be my first time there and I'm really excited! Looking forward to learning a lot by reading through this forum.

I do have one question right now: when would be the best time of the month for me to arrive? I will need to find a room in a shared apartment. Is there a time of month that those typically turn over?

(And are there any other important days I should be aware of, like holidays?)

thanks so much! I'm so excited for my move. :)

Liz :)
Hi Liz, and welcome to the forum.

You don't actually talk about moving here without at least a visit for a couple of weeks to get an impression of the country, do you?

In that case you have a busy year of research ahead of you.

Buy this book immediately - and I mean today - and read it several times over:


While you are reading the book with one eye, read through all threads from e.g. january 2007 until the present in Newcomers http://baexpats.org/newcomers-forum/ and Expat Life http://baexpats.org/expat-life/

Then ask ask ask and go on asking.

- and remember: Not at home is not at home.
I was talking to a local (~21 year old guy from the southern suburbs) about the perception that Americans have of Buenos Aires as kind of a Latin American "Paris" and his facial expression was hilarious. Plenty of "WTF?" going on in his eyebrows.

I've been here about 2 1/2 years and I'm really finding more and more things that I'm liking... but that also has to do with new opportunities that are presenting themselves. But this place definitely isn't for everyone... but then again NO place is. Even "home".
As usual, I sighed when I read hepdoll's post. There have been quite a few posts from individuals who say they are "moving" here without ever having visited...not even once. Often these posters are just coming for an extended visit (three to six months) and the word "move" might be a bit inaccurate.

In answer to the question about time of the month for rentals to (typically) turnover, it is usually the first of the month. Look on craigslist for rentals to share and try to find several different places that would have rooms available on your arrival date. That way you could reject a place that you discover to be seriously flawed only after your arrival (false advertising is not uncommon) and immediately go on to the next one. Try to "reserve" these rooms without sending an advance deposit if possible.
steveinbsas said:
In answer to the question about time of the month for rentals to (typically) turnover, it is usually the first of the month, just like everywhere else. Look on craigslist for rentals to share and try to find several that would have rooms available on your arrival date.

While most turnover is at the start of the month, when I was last looking for an apartment, I found that people wanted to meet you well in advance of the room becoming available. No one wants to lose rent money because they waited until the room was empty to look for a new renter.

So if the room became available on the first of the month, they would start meeting people maybe even 3 weeks before. Everyone has to like the person and get along before they say "yes". And they want to say "yes" before the move in date.

This isn't the way it always is, but often. I would plan on being here at least a week before the end of the month and maybe earlier. And definitely start look at Craigslist now. Research never hurts...

...actually, researching the exchange rate for the old Czech currency back in 2000 led me to tiredly accept a platform level money exchange that saw me trade US$100 for US$20 worth of Bulgarian currency... which was worthless because no banks would touch the bills. But that's an exception about research, not the rule.
I have a friend who rents rooms (female only) and one of her room mates is moving out. She advertises on Craigslist - her name is Rose Zuffi. The apartment is in the centre of Buenos Aires - Congresso.

Good luck with your move.

Hi Liz.

I just moved here from St. Louis myself (Wildwood). As you should know Midwesterners are the best people anywhere, so you should shoot me a pm once you get here and we can get a beer or something. If you can speak a little spanish and have traveled outside of the country before I wouldn't worry about too much-- all of the Argentines that I've met thus far seem very nice.

Thanks for the responses, everyone. (especially steveinbsas and Napolean for answering my specific question! if anyone else has advice on that, please keep it coming.)

I appreciate the concern some of you expressed about my move. To clarify that a little for you, it's more like an open-ended trip, as steveinbsas described. I'm planning to be in BA until I'm ready to leave. If that's a week, then that's OK. But if it works out, I'll stay for awhile. (A year? Two years?) That's what I'm hoping for and so I'm setting myself up with that in mind. I've got international travel experience and basic conversational spanish skills (which I'm looking forward to improving). And I've been educating myself a lot recently on Argentina and BA, and I'll certainly check out those resources you listed, John.St - thanks for the recommendations.

DustinG, I'm from Chesterfield myself! I'll get in touch with you soon; would be great to meet up. Always fun to meet another St Louisan; thanks for reaching out to me. :)
Hepdoll, when you read through the older threads, you'll realize why steveinbsas and I - and probably others too - felt a twinge in the stomack while reading your first post. Good to know you have been outside your parrish before :D and are planning an open-ended trip- have a nice stay.