Hello, how is everyone?

daniel london

Hi all,

Im a 30 year old man from London, I am currently living in a small town in the provence of cordoba. married-ish and have an argentinglish son!
i have been here for a year now and am a bit confused as to what to do next. I have been suffering here for a while with a bit of culture shock. love BsAs but here is different. i do get there sometimes but not as much as i would like.
i really dont know why i am writing this but i suppose it could be a last throw of my Argetinian dice. If anyone is ever near by and whats to hook up or just stay in contact for my next visit to BsAS i would love it.



Hi Daniel

Yes, argentina is quite a culture shock. I would suggest that you follow your passions, whatever they may be. It doesn't matter where you are, if you follow your desires you will be very content and happy. Good luck!