Hello...I need advice on rugby


Aug 12, 2009
I would like to see a local rugby game and have been told by some people that there are some games this Saturday August 15th. Anyone know where/how to buy tickets?
Just go to the games, there are probally not even tickets as long as it is not CASI against SIC
Here is the link for the rugby union here
The best club is probable the hindu club but casi (club athletico san isidro) and sic (san isidro club) have great followings and are not too far out from downtown ba. Belgrano is the traditional british club(no political irony please) and the hurling club represents the irish here.Sadly hurling club are in the 3rd division at the moment but top of it. It is a great day out at any of the rugby clubs and paying on the day is easy at this early stage of the season.
chris said:
WHERE can someone get tickets IN ADVANCE?
For the local championship, you just show up 30 minutes before the game and buy the ticket in the club. Different story when the National team, Los Pumas, is playing.
Hindu is reached by the Belgrano line, probally Station Don Turcuato and you will need to walk around 5-10 minutes and ask for directions there