Hello To All!


Hello, I am Matias, an argentinian tennis coach and economist living in Buenos Aires.
The reason why I am here is to help out some foreigners who want to inmerse in this very particular country.
Besides, I plan to settle down in UK in 15 months teaching tennis over there, so It would be good to get in touch to the expat life, as I will be one quite soon!



My name is Kat and I am from the state of Wisconsin in the US. I am new here to the website and just looking to connect with people and learn more about anything and everything.

I plan on moving back down to Argentina this September. I lived in CABA for about a year and had visited once before, so I am familiar with the city and parts of the country&SA. My plan is to find work and eventually return to school. I will have a bachelor of arts degree in about a month (Philosophy, Spanish and Italian) and have already bought my plane ticket to Italy where I will be traveling for 3 months and hopefully find work as a tour guide =).

I am hoping to know a bit more about people's personal experiences with becoming a permanent resident in Argentina, attending school as a foreigner and finding work! I am not afraid to work in the service industry as I have been a server and bartender for almost 8 years, however it would be nice to gain more experience in different fields of work!