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Hi everyone,
I will be graduating from college, in the states, in June 2020 with a degree in international business and management. I want to move to Buenos Aires after college to live and work in business. Does anyone have any business contacts in BA, Córdoba or really anywhere in Argentina that are looking for a young professional with a US business education? Also, has anyone used a job agency in BA that is recommendable? Additionally, I speak Spanish fluently.
Muchas Gracias,


Hello Preston. You can use online job search engines such as or With the current exchange rate, it has become cheap for U.S. companies to outsource some of their work to Argentina. However, please note that living and working here is quite different from what you are used to. I am Argentine-American so I have lived in both countries. PM if you need further help. Good luck!


And for the third time: you sure you wanna do that?

Argentina is in a major shitstorm right now and things are only going to get worse


ha lol.

Take everything you learned about business in the states and throw it out the window. Nothing makes sense here and "normal" business/labor practices do not apply. The way to get ahead is to be more ruthless and badder than whoever is currently in the market.


Before I immediately echo the "Are you sure you wanna do that?!?" sentiment, why don't you tell us, why Argentina? That way, we may be able to help you better with getting a foothold in (currently, super crazy and definitely getting crazier) Argentina, or recommending an alternative country for your job search...

D.B. Cooper

Hi Preston ...
I think I met you a few weeks ago at the Coffee Chat.
Here's a link to the Jobs section of BA Craigslist.
They're always looking for "Native speakers".
Good luck.