Help with info on shared container move to the US


I am planning to move back to the US (Miami) in June. I'd like to take some furniture and personal items back with me but don't have enough to fill a container. I've heard of cost effective shared container moves - does anyone have information on movers or other individuals shipping shared containers? All help is very appreciated.

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***Disclaimer*** I have never tried to ship anything in or out of Argentina so I have no personal experience and no idea if this suggestion would simply sink under the weight of Argentine bureacracy but... in all cities with ports there are firms called consolidation agents who specialise in selling off a few cubic metres here and a few cubic metres there of surplus container space. If you are crating your stuff so securely that it doesn't matter whether it's stored next to a ten-tonne piece of machinery or perhaps underneath a sack of rotting fish - because you don't get to choose your neighbours with this sort of gig - then I'd consider using the paginas amarillas and search under agencia consolidación de carga.
Gary, Would you possible be interested in sharing a container/mover? Your timing is in alignment with mine and we might be able to save a few dollars and share the awaiting bureaucracy.


I know you are talking about moving from Argentina to the U.S., but when we moved from the U.S. to Argentina, we used a U.S. based international moving company (Wheaton) who organized the container and shipping with Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) and then sub-contracted local movers in the U.S. and here in B.A. We filled a full 40 foot container which meant there was no chance of anything getting lost (except the whole container I suppose). We were pleasantly surprised with the excellent quality of service of the Argentine company (KRP Moving), in fact, after the container arrived at our house and they unloaded, unpacked, set-up beds, desks, etc., hauled away the trash, Lucas Kent (son of the owner, I think) came out to our house to follow up and make sure everything was OK and we were satisfied with the job. I would certainly use them again. Another big international moving company here in Argentina is Transpack, although I have no personal experience with them.

One thing to keep in mind and check out (perhaps call Lucas Kent, he speaks English as I recall, not sure if that is important or not), when we moved from the U.S. to B.A. in 2006, the U.S. (or perhaps some International law) prohibited us from doing any packing; the moving company had to pack everything. This is so the moving company can certify there is no hazardous material in the cargo. The only thing that we could do was pack a few things in those clear plastic boxes. It actually worked out very well for us, although a bit stressful to see your entire life’s worth of “stuff” driving away in a container.

So, I am not sure if you can “crate your stuff and show up at the dock looking for container space”.