Hi all


Jun 23, 2009
Hi all,

I have been 'lurking' for a while, making use of some of the information on this forum.

I thought I would introduce myself, as well as say thanks for some of the pointers on here.

I live the UK, am in my twenties, and plan to move to BA with my girlfriend some time in the next 12 months. I work for a UK based publishing company, that is part of a large international publishing group. I plan to look into transfering to a company based in BA that is part of the group. Failing that, I am looking into other American or UK based companies that have Argentine offices that are in my line of work.

My girlfriend has recently completed a BVC (Barrister Vocation Course), and is looking to find legal / para-legal work at an international company with argentina offices. I guess if one of us finds work we will take the plunge and hope that the other manages to find a job once over there.

We visited Argentina for a month last year and both fell in love with the place. We decided that we would like to embark on an adventure - living and working abroad for a couple of years and learn another language - before we settle down.

So anyway - apologies for the War and Peace effort!

I get the impression that most users on here are US expats? Would you say that is about correct? Are most expats living in BA from the US?

There are not too many who speak the Queens English here, though there are one or two. Couple of Auzies as well.
Good luck in your venture, as you can tell from other posts you will need it, I am waiting for my pension before I go over permenantly, but I am around in October if you want to meet up.

It would be interesting to find out where people are from. Maybe the admin should do a poll.

If only to establish if anyone here can make Yorkshire puddings or get hold of HP sauce or a good bacon sarnie.

Rich....from the UK.
Liam from Ireland originally, although schooled in the UK, support Liverpool, and despite the Irish passport have this awful English accent I just can't get rid off. Myabe my Spanish accent will finally rid me of the plums! JAJAJA

Welcome to the land of tango!