We moved to Buenos Aires almost 2 years ago, but have not been able to make many friends here. The language and cultural barriers have been difficult for us to overcome. We've met many people through our kid's school, birthday parties, etc., but we've found most Argentines to be very private and most visits to their homes have been play dates for the children.

We are looking to meet other families with children around the same ages as ours (4 and 5). We recently moved to Belgrano from Villa Urquiza and the kids have had to start at a new school here, so they don't have many friends at the moment.

Pete & Kate


Hello Pete and Kate

Iam a local and sometimes is also difficult for us to make friends, this is a problem in big cities where everybody is so busy and don`t have much time however I think there must be a lot of expats families in Belgrano. I have triplets they are 8 years old going for 9 (two boys and one girl) I live in Monserrat near Congreso.
all the best