Hip Hop Every friday night at Club Lansky in Recoleta!!


Dec 23, 2008
If you wanna hear some good hip hop come out to Club Lansky.

Hip Hop, Dancehall and Reggaeton in back room! Latin, 80's and Electro in the front room. A little something for everyone!

Free entry with a free beer before 2:30

Club Lansky
Juncal 2019
Doors open at 1.

Send names for guestlist to:

[email protected]
Hip-Hop? Reggaeton?... If anyone is looking for me this Friday or any Friday in the future, there's one place that you can cross off your list right now.


But it should do well in this city.
Sounds fun! I only recently arrived to this lovely city and am eager to experience all it has to offer. So is Club Lansky gay friendly? My parnter and I are both freelance writers from the U.S. ( Tyler, Texas ) and are here for the winter just for fun for a few months.

I guess if times get rough we can teach English to cover our nightly adventures. Ha ha Se you there!

PS Whats happening in B's A's for New Years Eve?