Hitman 3 is the first game to get Argentina right


An interesting article, and the author makes a good point in mentioning how much the spanish-speaking world is ignored in the world of games.
Castellano is the third most widely-spoken language in the world, whichever way you measure it*.

To cite one example, SWTOR, (Star Wars The Old Republic, a very popular MMO), has a French Server and a German server, but no Spanish server. Obviously this is a question of money, and I understand that. Bioware is a for-profit business, not a charity.

*I mention this because English & Mandarin are #1 and #2, but they swap places depending on how you measure it. Mandarin is #1 in native speakers, but English is #1 in total speakers (because so many speak it as a second or third language.)


But are Spanish-speakers as a bloc that interested in playing computer games? Take any of the many top-ten listings of game-playing nations: the lists are all different but none of them have any Spanish-speaking country near the top. I personally do not know any computer gamers in Argentina - not that that means much - and I wonder if, generally speaking, there is something about the culture in the Spanish-speaking world that makes game playing less attractive?


Playing computer games takes technology and money. The governments certainly don't make it easy to get the newest computer parts that each game requires as it is released.

It's not as simple as showing up to a soccer field with your own shoes (or not). You don't even need to own the ball to play soccer. This is much like basketball and other low cost of entry sports in other countries.

Going outside to the park to yak with your friends and drink mate is a low cost time killer.

Why is the summer Olympics way more diverse than the winter Olympics? The winter Olympics are basically rich people sports that take a lot of free time, money, and support to get good at. Many people in the world do not have the resources available to become competitive.