Hola! Arriving in BsAs on Thursday!

La Marlina

Oct 19, 2009
Hola Everyone!

I am moving from New York City to BsAs on Thursday, and will be living in Palermo. I am finishing up my packing, and now making my last minute packing list.

I am wondering if there are any particular food products I should be bringing with me? I have coffee and tea on my list, but was wondering about what spices I should bring, or anything else that is tough to locate in BsAs? Are there any particular American products that you can think of for me to bring?

Any thoughts or advice you have is welcome!

Thanks in advance!!!
AIf you´re a fan of peanut butter then definitely bring it along. It is a tough find here. You can buy most spices although I have yet to find pre-ground pepper. Hot sauce that is actually spicy has been another one I've struggled with. It all depends on what you like of course!
Bring any hot sauces you love, taco mix, Indian spices, thai spices etc
If you are into oatmeal, bring a variety of individual bags with you. Here you only get the regular one that you need to cook and it does not taste the same..