Holaaaaa - intro


Feb 14, 2008
Just following instructions to introduce myself ;) since I'll be here a few months. 30 y/o, Canadian chica spending a few months here learning Spanish (or this crazy version of it anyway...!) and otherwise exporing the city and having a good time. Up for drinks/food/whatever so let me know if you are too.
hey! i also got here recently. shoot me an email and we can meet up. i've met up with some other people from the site so we should all organize something. my email is [email protected].
Hi everyone above! I've just arrived here from the UK to try out life with my boyfriend (from Arg). Would love to meet up with some expats - preferably close to Palermo, where I'm living. If you fancy it, let me know. My email: [email protected]
Espero que nos veamos pronto! :)
Hi, I'm Richard and I just arrived as well. 28 yrs, from Chicago. Will be here for up to a year. Would be interested to meet natives and ex-pats; also any recommendations for Spanish schools for an intermediate level speaker. I'm staying in Recoleta for time being...
Hey Richard, welcome to BsAs!!! We have a good few people here how meet up for drinks etc... Good little group, and a couple of them are from Chicago also!! If your as crazy as them your more than welcome to join us!!!
The next (big) night out is on Wednesday. If you wanna mail me i will forward the details..... [email protected]
Wow - a few new arrivals! So I might as well add my name to the list: Edward, 26, from Australia (Melbourne), I'm here for at least 6 months and staying in Recoleta at the moment.
Will be here a while (and the spanish is so-so) so hoping to get involved on the ex-pat scene a bit too. Hopefully will see some of you around in the not too distant future,
[email protected]
I thought this board was only for Americans. (USA Americans) I don't know how I feel about Canadians coming in and taking over. And don't get me started about countries that have the Union Jack in their flag...
Since my screen name is "Napoleon" and since the classic architecture in this city is decidedly French, I guess it's ok if the Frenchies use this site.
Ok, my turn.I´m 30y/o from Glasgow, been here a few weeks and never want to leave. Attempting to learn Spanish and not doing spectacularly well but I´m sure it´ll come. Living in Palermo Viejo and it would be great to meet up with newcomers and also long time BA residents.
my email is [email protected]
Hi everyone! welcome to BA. I'm an ex-pat from Washington, DC and I love love love BA...in fact I think I might never go back home.
I have
gone to about 5 different schools and tried 3 private teachers and
finally I found the perfect one. It is called Alem School and it is
professional and laid back at the same time. Its run by local guys andConcerning Spanish schools,
they seem to know everything about BA, Argentina and how to make a
foreigner feel at home. Its really a great way to learn about town -
they do lots of free activities such as tango and going to the
hippodrome, playing pick-up soccer etc. Its also a beautiful building
located downtown but with a big view and a plaza in front...I'm so glad
I finally found a place that isn't full of bulls%it. :)

I know this might seem random, but I'm an ex-pat too, and I wish someone had thrown me a few hints back when I was new in town.

Let me know if you are interested and I can hook you up with all the info you need. if you are here already we can meet up in plaza serrano and have a coffee! feel free to email me with any questions concerning life here... id love to help in any way [email protected] or check out www.alemspanishschool.com