Holiday Money

We will be in BA for two months next year and have heard how little money can be withdrawn from ATM's on each transaction. Is there a better way to access our Canadian bank accounts during our holiday? We also want to be able to use our debit card instead of cash for most transactions as we have done in other countries - is this feasible in Argentina? We understand that the VAT is very high and wonder what we can do to lessen its impact on our holiday expenditures?

Thanks for any insights.
Bring US cash, not Canadaian. If you are banking with RBC you can open a US account and get a card that allows two free monthly transactions at ATM - RBC reimburses for the local fees. It works as both debit and visa, so you can use it as a backup for cash in case you run out. But the best option is to bring US cash and exchange somewhere on the black market. Most small places such as veggie stands, local fast food places, organic markets, antique and souvenir fairs, etc. don't accept any cards and some cafes only accept local debit and credit cards. Some restaurants offer cash only special prices, other place have an extra charge if you use a card as opposed to cash, and you can bargain in the shops if you pay cash but the price would be much higher if you use debit.
I lived there in 2016-17 for 3 months and i brought US cash then went to bank to get pesos every couple of weeks. it was a decent rate. I found less than 50% of the places took credit cards where everywhere in USA takes credit card. Not every bank or branch will change dollars to pesos but I found one nearby. it had NO lines ....many banks have VERY LONG lines!
It is very strange how the system works here. I would think that all third world countries would be more than willing to take as much foreign cash as they can get their hands on. My Canadian bank allows me $1200 per day to a maximum of $3000 per week. All banks here in Mendoza limit my withdrawals to 2 withdrawals of 2000 pesos (about $155) per day. Each withdrawal is charged about 100 pesos + or -. TD bank does not charge me as I have an all inclusive account. It really is quite an inconvenience as the value of the peso is way down, and costs are up. I seem to spend a lot of time in the banks which is a piss off. I really wish there was something that could be done. They don't seem to realize that they are not only driving away tourists, but also limiting the amount tourists would spend here...makes no sense whatsoever. Of course, nothing much does. I thought that with the change of government there would be someone with a brain running the banking system. I always try to avoid bank in the first 10 days of the month as there are far too many people. People don't seem to use banks like we do up north.
Bring fresh crisp 100.00$U.S. Bills. Bring enough for your whole trip. Skip going to banks at all. They are a pain in the ass and every withdrawal costs a fee. Your are better off using cambio houses. All you need is your passport. No fees. If you go upscale, they take credit cards. Regular small businesses, cash.
The easiest way: open a XOOM account at no cost, then you can wire money to yourself here or to your wife (better).
I did it a month ago, collected 1,000 USD in one shot, (in pesos for now), no problem.
Make sure you do not add your mother's name to the wire, the wire MUST match your name in the passport!!!
The cost was 30 USD total, (not bad), and there are many locations in the city that you can choose (see MORE locations).