Home Birth Info

Hello, everyone!

I am looking at the possibilities of giving birth in BA.
This is my second baby and I am set on having a home birth scenario. I was lucky to have my first in a jungle setting in Mexico and my midwife was incredible - she has said that she would like to be a part of this birth also, but first we need to know a few things.

1. What is the situation with regards to home birthing in BA?
2. Would it be acceptable to have my American midwife?
3. What are the medical emergency laws and rights?
4. How do you obtain an out of hospital birth certificate and how long is the process? Are there costs?

All answers are very much appreciated! <3 Thank you :)
Hi NickyBee, did you ever get any answers to these questions? I hope you had a fantastic second birth. I just arrived in BA, also after having lived in Mexico for decade. I always imagined my first birth as the way you described yours - in Mexico, partera, at a birthing centre or at home, copal burning, etc.

Arrived in Buenos Aires at 13 weeks and my suegra (trained as a neonatal doctor) and everyone I talk to so far tells me home births don't exist, neither do water births, you can't get/encapsulate/eat your placenta, what do you mean you want to give birth standing up like an Aztec diosa???!!! Etc

Any help or pointing me in the right direction of info/contacts would be greatly appreciated!!