la vida magenta

Nov 11, 2009
Hey y'all!

Just wanted to introduce myself after months of being a lurker (ewww... that sounds so creepy!)

I moved down to Argentina mid-September from Austin, TX, so yo llevo almost 2 months by now (wow! time flies...) My story is that I just got married to my Argentine sweetheart three weeks ago (we met in Madrid as travellers in 2007- I know, crazy story!) and we're trying out Argentina for a year or so- because of the awwwwesome economy! baha!:rolleyes:

As of now, I'm working on settling in and adjusting and studying Spanish. Thank GOD for savings!.... I plan on doing the serious job-hunt in a few weeks (I have family coming to visit soon.) It actually works out well that I get a lot of opportunities to talk with Argentines about the job market and how it all works. I was an elementary art teacher in Austin, and I do have some contacts with a bilingual school here, but it's almost vacation time here, so I'll most likely be looking for something else, maybe tech related...we'll see. Next week I get to take my super-serious, gazing-into-the-distance-Che-style photo for my CV- can't wait! ;)

Unfortunately, our marriage certificate is TRAPPED in a building that has asambleas every single day.....grrrrr....so I'm at a bit of a standstill with my paperwork adventures....

Anyways, I just wanted to thank you virtual friends for all the help I found on these forums while I was getting ready for the Big Move (great advice on what to pack, electronics, customs, etc.) And sometimes I catch myself checking out the forums and what y'all are talking about when I feel like I need someone who understands how I feel on THOSE days....:) ya know?

And by the way, I'm not a porteno transplant- I'm in Cordoba Capital, so I won't be able to hang out with you all (sounds fun!) but I wanted to put it out there if you need any CBA hookups, please feel free to contact me.

Gracias otra vez!
Welcome :)

Cordoba's a nice place. I've been there a couple of times thinking about moving my business there. Laid back, more polite people in many cases.

My partner lives in Austin, off of Bee Caves Road and Cuernavaca. I went to school at UT way back when too - absolutely love the place.
it is a UT love fest...i went to UT ....go Longhorns!!!! I love Austin who doesnt!!! I went to UT a long time ago..hahaha well welcome la vida magenta.. we will have to all get together and have a happy hour and hopefully watch UT playing Florida in BCS Championship Game

well this is a great site....
Howdy y'all! I just moved to BsAs from Austin (78704) 2 weeks ago. Was only in Austin for 6 months, but loved it, and will likely return. Planning to be here in BsAs until March (or more).

Cool guys, thanks for the big Texas welcome!
Unfortunately I can't claim Austin as home (I'm really a Yankee) but have lived there for the past 5 yrs. Mostly central Austin/ Hyde Park/ Rosedale areas.
And you'll have to raise an imaginary Lone Star to an imaginary me when you get together (I live in Cordoba.)