Hoping to Make Some Female Friends


Feb 22, 2009
Hello, everyone!

I just moved to BsAs about 6 weeks ago. Things have more or less settled down for me in terms of my work, and now I'm dying to make friends and have a social life!

I'm a 25 year old single American (a woman, of course) in Recoleta, and I'm just hoping to make some cool female friends (it's so difficult when you don't know many people). My interests are pretty general (salsa dancing, movies, shopping, reading, exploring what the Buenos Aires has to offer, etc), but I'm always up for trying new things. I'm pretty much an open book.

If you're up for making a friend, just drop me a line! :)

Hey Lauren! I'm Kate, 23 yr old, American as well. I've been here for just over 3 weeks and am living in Palermo. I would love to get together sometime! Just let me know- Chau
Hi Ladies,
I am Michelle, 30yrs old from East Coast area!
living in Belgrano area, also new to this city been here for almost 8months now. I am defenitly up for making friends! let me know!
Hi Lauren, Kate and Michelle!

I'm also Michelle :) I've been living in Buenos Aires since August and I would also like to expand my circle of friends, girlfriends in particular. I'm 25 yrs old from the West Coast.

Why don't we plan a get-together?!

I would be interested as well -- I am 28 and recently arrived to Buenos Aires for work (but I have lived here as well in2005 and 2007). I am here for six months, until August. I come from San Diego, but am originally from Boston.

~ Jenn

I love the idea of a girls get-together.
I´m from San Francisco, 27 years old, and have been here for the past five months. I love meeting others who have chosen to make the big move down here. We should all sit down together with a bottle of wine and chat.

Hey girls,

I've been here about 4 weeks and would like to get to know some more people. I'd love to meet up with you guys. I'm 26, from the US, living in Las Canitas(will be moving to Palermo Soho in April). I also saw some of you were on the workout thread. I would also be interested in working out in the park with a few people.

HI All,

I'd love to meet up as well. I'm 29, orignally from Ireland but spent a lot of my formative years in Florida. Let me know if you plan any get-togethers! I'm generally busy during the weekdays with work but it's flexible.
Hey -

I'd also like to meet up. I'm 30 and from the US (around Wash DC). I'm here for about 6 months and would love to have some girls to hang out with.