Hostels and Cheap Rentals


I was hoping people could suggest hostels they've had good experiences with in neighborhoods they like. I'm interested in living in San Telmo. Does anyone know any well-known, well-respected hostels there? Also, if anyone knows of a cheap ($400 USD/mo or less) rental apartment or apartment-share for the 1st of March, I'd love to know. Thank you!



I stayed at Ostinatto Hostel in San Telmo and had a great time there (it's on Chile/Chacabuco), if you stay there try to get a dorm at the front as they have little balconies. But there are a lot of nice hostels in San Telmo, I haven't heard any horror stories!

Try for apartments/shares, $400USD will get you a great room in a shared house, most in San Telmo are $300-350.