Hot as Hell.


Sep 26, 2007
I understand BsAs is hot as hell in the summer. I plan to be in South America for about 6 months. Is it advisable to skip out of BsAs during the summer months and spend them in a cooler place in Argentina or some other country in South America? Any suggestions? I understand that the Argentines vacate BsAs in January and head for cooler places. Should I arrange for accomodation or is it too late to find a reasonable priced stay. I sure don't want to be miserable here in BsAs. How do you veteran expats spend the summer months?
Well as they's not the heat it is the humidity. ;0)
Personally I love the Andes. Mendoza and San Rafael can be HOT AS HELL but dry heat. You can head further south and even in summer in northern Patagonia (so not to far down past Bariloche) you will still see snow sometimes on the mountain tops. It can be hot one day and cool others.It all depends on what you are looking for in terms of experience. This is an awesome country. If you like nature and hiking then head south and hug the Andes route. Are you talking about setting up a roost for a few months? If so I can't answer that question. I have traveled but never stayed in any one place on that route for more than 2 weeks at a time.By the way - if you depend on internet for income stay in the city and sweat it out. Once you get too far south all you will have is net "cafes" few and far between. Usually there is a waiting line past Bariloche. And it is more pesos there. Not much - just a little.
If you can get away for the summer, do it. The heat, humidity and mosquitoes can get overwhelming not to mention air pollution.
Going south is the best option and that's what I did. I saw more barren landscape that I care to remember but there are a few nice spots. The downside is that since Argentines take LONG vacations in the summer, many of the nice places get packed with tourists. Personally, I'd go to a place like Viedma on the coast but this is something you have to carefully investigate.
In my experience travelling all through Argentina, it's never been hard to find good internet access even if it's through "cafes", which is the only way I use the internet anyway. On that subject I'd suggest walking a few blocks out of any sort of tourist area and the prices get very affordable.
Being a "no plan" planner, I'd pick out a good location and then just go there in order to set up my living situation. Meeting people through the internet beforehand is always key and I mainly use couchsurfing.
Well I have not been out and about for over a year. Perhaps entrpreneurship and technology have met here in Argentina. Which is great. I like to see businesses blooming.The last ime I was in El Bolson (south of tourist ridden Bariloche) I hiked a 1/2 hour to the town to connect at the 2 internet places. There were colas later in the day (it was better to go earlier in the day as in January and Febuarary the stoners and drinkers were still asleep.) The connection often crashed. Not uncommon the more south you get. My friend in Patagonian Chile only get at tops 1/2 hour of connection a day.Good for you Bill - you got some good luck there - or maybe I am just out of touch with things. I can't stay in touch with everything.
So this is good news that things are better.
yeah, Argentina has made the leap into the digital age somewhat since I did notice broadband being available where it wasn't before. Even in the far, far south it was fast and cheap.