Hotel upon arrival needed


Hello group, I will be arriving in BA from NYC in a couple of weeks and I am interested in a room that I can rent on a weekly basis with no lease.
Any recomendations for a short stay hotel in a safe area? No need for alot of extras but wireless would be good. Close to activities in the city is important.
Thanks for your help
How much do you want to spend?
I have good experiences with Tres Sargentos, it's in Microcentro and you can always steal a wireless signal there. Price was 100 peso a day(VAT included and breakfast) and now probally 120.


Thanks for the response Grandaiscool. 120 ARS a day seems OK.
Are there restaurants, cafes, nightclubs in the area? I will be arriving solo and I like to walk around use public transporation and meet the locals.
Any other suggestions as a backup?


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I have just come across this hotel located in a trendy BA neighbourhood-Palermo Soho-, plenty of restaurants, bars, cafes.
It is called five cool rooms. I have always preference for small hotels, don't know why...But the cheapest rate kicks at 90usd daily. Anyway, I think they are worthwhile,Personally I very much liked the style and its location.
Have a safe trip,