Hotels for Wedding Guests?


Jul 13, 2005
We're doing our wedding here the first week of April, Semana Santa to be precise. We've already done one in Canada so we don't expect a lot of people to be coming from North America, but I'm starting to wonder what we should do for those that do end up coming down, especially as it's Semana Santa. I'm thinking they'd rather stay in the Palermo area so...

1) Can anyone recommend some nice hotels / boutique hotels / b&bs and the like in the Palermo area that they've liked, that they or friends have actually stayed at, that has good service and are reasonably priced?

2) What do you think the possibilities are in Argentina of booking off a block of some rooms for potential guests? We won't know for a bit yet who's coming for sure, and being that we're in Argentina I'm worried that here the hotels will want us to front 100% of the reservation fees if we book off a block of rooms.

Does anyone have any experience with this? We're probably only talking about 5 rooms (10 guests) needed.
I'm an absolute fan of the HOME Hotel. homebuenosaires dot com

Amazing service - the staff are so, so nice, great rooms - and the loft is oustanding - 4 ppl can share that... the back patio is so lovely - nice pool.

The prices are within category for a boutique hotel - very reasonable but not inexpensive (for Buenos Aires) - but not in the Faena type range either.
I'm looking for the same thing and am open to Palermo, Recoleta, and San Telmo. Less than U$S100 a night. If anything spectacular comes to mind, please let me know. Thanks so much!
Some of my guests have enjoyed staying on Calle Florida. -Makes walking around easy and it's really hard for a tourist to get lost between Florida and LaValle. Howard Johnson is good and is 1/2 block from Plaza San Martin where all the cabs are.

Hi there,
You may have already resolved this...but I have a travel company here and have put up many happy travelers at Blue Soho in Palermo Soho as well as Ayres de Palermo. They are both boutique hotels that are quite reasonably priced. BA boutique hotels have gotten quite pricey in the past year or so...if you are looking for less than $100 a night, you may want to try renting an apartment for a group (remember that hotels add on an additional 21% IVA to their rack rates).

If you need help blocking rooms, feel free to PM me and I'd be happy to see if we can help you out with that.

CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding!!!