House Rental with Activites

Hello Everyone,
My family is planning to come visit in March and I was hoping for some ideas on a house rental somewhere in the country (at least slightly - doesn't have to be middle of nowhere). When I was living in Chile my family came down and we rented a house in the mountains (Cajon de Maipu). There was a nice couple taking care of the house, and for an extra charge they cooked us dinner in the house (Asado, empanadas and other local dishes. Nothing fancy, but delicious). They also cleaned and helped organize some activities like horseback riding and a trip to the top of this mountain up an old mining road. I realize Argentina is different, but was trying to find a similar concept somewhere within 3-4 hours driving of Buenos Aires.

Essentially looking for a house to rent with a caretaker who would clean and someone to cook some Asado or other local dishes. Ideally somewhere with a pool and activities (horseback riding would be great). I realize this is a super specific request, so I don't expect to find something that checks all of those boxes. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!
Suggest you look the links below for airbnb around Lujan and Mercedes Provincia Buenos Aires, less than 80 kms. from Capital one hour via highway, You have many choices for homes with pools and horses and quincho and caretaker ranging $60 to $120 per day and up, sleeping from 6 to 12 If you are driving can drive to nearby town otherwise no public transport need taxi$$..

For a place with style see this, Buenos Aires&s=iEcYy1VM


For a Variety of quintas see below[]=/homes&room_types[]=Entire home/apt&query=Mercedes, Buenos Aires&allow_override[]=&zoom=11&search_by_map=true&sw_lat=-34.630209247295625&sw_lng=-59.27461598008572&ne_lat=-34.43272641766052&ne_lng=-59.00360533458106&s_tag=x9rDGMOL
How to travel to this property, if one does not own a car. will a uber go there? How much will it cost ? and how to come back