How and Where to buy a camera


Hi guys,

My camera is broken and I may be taking a trip to Maccu Pichu in the next week. I have two weeks left and I know that electronics are pretty expensive down here. I would hate to miss out on taking pictures in the last few weeks here!

Please leave any advice or thoughts on buying a digital camera here in BsAs!



MikeMike said:
I bought a camera off Mercado Libre. The price was higher than in the US, but not too bad.
The US has the lowest prices in the world outside of Southeast Asia. Mercado Libre is about a 20%-40% markup (for a new camera). Most stores here have about a 60% markup or more.

Plus, unlike eBay, nearly everything is being sold from here in Buenos Aires so you pick it up in person.*


*Make sure you meet to pay for the thing in a public place. Do NOT take your money to a private residence.


i work quite a bit with mercadolibre... check how many cameras of the same model have been sold; check the reputation of the seller; check the location - many shops advertise the fact that they have a 'local a la calle' and some of them the shops use the same name - you then search the name on google and contact the seller without using mercado libre(the seller will like you for that - the comissions have just gone up)


There's someone at the BA office of south American Explorers that was advertising a camera for sale last week.