How do I pay for expired tourist visa at the airport?

Jenny G-M

Nov 10, 2008
Dear All,

I have an expired tourist visa and I am returning to the UK on tuesday. I know I have to pay 300 pesos at the airport and leave a lot of time for this but I am not sure of the process. Does anyone know if I go to check in first then pay after security checks or do I have to go to pay for the expired visa first?

Any advice much appreciated,


1) Check-in with your airline -- really, you say hello to them and then they send you down to

2) Immigrations, at the opposite end of the airport, near where you exit arrivals

3) Fill out a form 5x at Immigrations

4) Go to the bank and pay the fine

5) Take back receipt to Immigrations to show you paid

6) Fill in another form 2x acknowleding you overstayed

7) Take receipts all the way back to the check-in desk and finish your check-in

It involves a lot of walking around. It depends on who you are flying with of course, AA is the farthest away from immigration I think. Because of the walking you need a good 20 mins extra time. If there's a bunch of people in line at the Bank make sure to talk to the security guys because the others may just be in line to pay customs fees.
SynGirl is correct. I've done it and it's not difficult. But I paid 50 pesos. Is it really 300 pesos now?
As far as I know cash only -- you pay at the Bank that is near where you exit from Int'l arrivals -- there is a bank machine right there as well. The immigration desk is to the left of that way at the back (Malaysian Airlines check-in is right beside it, but they are only there a couple days a week, so I'm not sure which airline they actually share their desks with.)
Oh and yes, it's 300 pesos now. They've caught on that they can make some good money out of this scheme!
This is not a scheme. And even though I personally hate paying 6 times more now ( will have to in two weeks), you did overstay and no country would ignore it or charge you less than 15 bucks for it. It's called playing by the ruels, and it's one of those few cases when therules are fare.
Renewing your visa legitimately at migraciones costs you 300 pesos.

So play by the rules and queue up all day in migraciones, or pay the fine at the airport and deal with the bureaucracy there. Either way, the fine is the same.

Airports are stressful enough as it is, so personally I'd renew in migraciones over paying the fine in the airport. Failing that, leave yourself masses of time. And bring cash. When I was there last both ATM machines were on the blink.
it is now worth the trip to colonia for the day. after going to colonia a couple of times i gave up as the AR$50 was cheaper than the boat/food.. now its not.. unless the ferry has gone up too.. was AR$96 return last time for slow (3 hours each way about) boat.