how does one find well paid regular work in this city?


Jul 29, 2008
i am at a loss. just completed a TEFL course, am fully bilingual, applying to every job on craigslist, posted ads for one to one teaching, been looking for work since beginning of january. had some interest in one-to-one which has come to nothing, had an interview on friday, find out this week, but getting anxious as funds heavily depleted.

any pointers people?
I would look for work North of Capital Federal. If you go North on Maipu/Santa Fe Ave (CF) you will find lots of English places. (By North Vicente Lopez,Florida, Olivos, Martinez, La Lucila).
How well do you really know the city? Have you ever thought about working as an English-speaking tour guide? I know visitor numbers are down but you might try the better quality guided tour operators - the ones who have contracts with the better hotels. As a start point why not go to Argentina's version of Google, click on páginas de Argentina and enter (in ENGLISH without quotes) Buenos Aires City Sightseeing Tours and see what you come up with?
Hi Diaosaaranosa,
Is it not because it's summer? I'm coming to Bs As in 3 weeks for the first time, hoping to find some work initially as a teacher while interest picks up with my business.
Your post doesn't fill me with confidence that it'll work out though.

@Everyone - has the employment market taken that much of a dive recently?
I don´t know if the situation has changed since the crisis, but when I finished my TEFL course in Dec of 07, they told us we might not even want to bother looking for work till at least Feb, because Dec and Jan are completely dead months for teaching English. From my experience this is true, as I was teaching through december of 08 and 80% of my classes were cancelled for december. They say the season really starts up in March, which is when I came to start teaching last year, and I can confirm that there was a LOT of work at that time (i couldnt keep up with the emails). However, whether or not the crisis has changed things is really hard to tell until March starts up again!

Good luck, I´m in the same boat as alla you!
Did you think about bilingual call centers? I m a multilingual person and its basically the better job I found.
I dont like it, because it can be very annoying to solve the problems of angry and stupid ppl all the day along if you work in costumer service, or sell things that nobody ever wants to buy by telephone and be constanlty sweared.
Anyways, there are people who can manage it and makes loads on money with the comisions. Try to look in call center companies which works for the USA as teletech or teleperformance arg. they always call me to work with them.

And yes, january its a completly death month for teaching and about tourism, they often look for someone who is studying or already graduated from careers related with tourism or hotel management, so there is litle chance to get an employment if your qualifications are not related with that area.