how long is migraciones taking with trámites for residencia permanente?


Nov 24, 2016
Could someone who has had recent experiences with migraciones and tramites for residency please tell me how long it took for your paperwork to be processed? I went over a month ago and the online status check still produces this message: "Su trámite se encuentra en etapa de supervisión. Consulte nuevamente en los próximos días."

And, if you've gone through a similar process, how long did it take for RENAPER to issue your DNI once they were forwarded your paperwork from migraciones?


It took five months for me to receive my permanent DNI last year. After waiting a little over three months I went to the Jujuy office to see if it was there and they told me I had to redo my fingerprints. They sent me to the main office and then I was given some paperwork to take to the Yrigoyen office.
I am in month 9 now seems card processing is behind schedule or so I was told. I am getting tired of waiting on delivery even though I work from home.
I submitted paperwork in October and received my DNI in June. No paperwork hanguos or redos. When I went to renew my precria fir the second time they said it had been closed and dug deeper at that time. Apparently it was approved and in a stack of papers on someone’s desk. It was signed right then and the order went to Juyjuy. So about 6 months total. It is permanent residency familiar.
Bingo get it today. 9 months and 2 weeks but had to jump through a couple hoops in the process.