How much are your ´expensas ´?

How much are your 'expensas'?

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  • 500-800 pesos

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Mar 25, 2007
My monthly ¨EXPENSAS¨or condo fee has just soared due to a 30% increase. I´m curious to know what expats are paying. If you can tell us, please state size of flat, if it includes any services and in what area it is located. Thanks!
I bought my 73 meter Recoleta apartment (Aranales and Junin) in October 2006. Prior to the closing the real estate agent "said" the espensas were $350 per month, but the first factura I received was for $450. They have been as high as $800 in recent months, but last month dropped to $725. The entry hall has many sections that have lost paint due to humidity and the rest is a grimy, sooty and un-cleanable-mess, especially where the weekend portera rests her head against the wall. It looks just as it did before I bought it (the real estate agent "said" they were getting ready to paint before I moved in).

A year ago the consorcio wouldn't pay half when I offered to pay the other half of the cost of repairing and painting the entry hall. Recently, I offered to pay the entire cost of repainting the entry hall in order to sell my apartment, and I think that was a very important factor in closing the sale. Prior to signing the contract to buy my apartment the soon to be new owner expressed "concern" about the espensas being so high. I can foresee another big increase in the future, just like Sergio's.

The two biggest expenses are for the porteras and elevator maintenance. The fees do not include cable, heat or hot water. There are 16 units in the building (which also badly needs painting of the exterior). One owner owes over $60,000 pesos in back fees and penalties. Of course the portera who lives in the building doesn't spend much of her "official" time in the hall or at the door, but peeks out like a rodent from her itty-bitty hole in the wall (free) apartment when she hears someone enter the building or descend in the elevator.

On a more positive note, the monthly espensas of my PH in Belgrano will be ZERO.
2 ambiente 38 metre in Barrio Norte... huge building 20 flrs 2-3 full time porteros, security at night,4 elevators etc etc... not inc heat,cable,water, etc.... $270 pesos...

3 ambiente 60 metre in Palermo, 6 unit bldg. no portero, no elevators,no servicios incl. $213 pesos

So not bad at all....
Villa Urquiza, 1 year old building with only 6 units total, 1 elevator, part time portera 2x per week

3 ambientes, 62 sq meters, includes parking space, water, $270 pesos
Expenses in Recoleta have gone up over 30 percent per year since 2006 meaning that some people are now paying over 2000 pesos per month in the exclusive sections of Alvear, Posadas, Quintana, Libertador etc etc.

The consorcios seem to have the upper hand over tenants and is something that will be looked into in the coming years by incoming governments.
I think you are referring to the administration, Pericles. Don't hold your breath about politicians "looking into" the matter. Corrupt building administration is the norm. I doubt very much there is an honest building administration in the city, though some are worse than others. There are many easy ways to rob. With little or no solidarity among the owners (just constant backbiting, insulting, complaining and gossip) corrupt building administrators seldom get in trouble.

Anyway I am really interested in hearing from expats about how much they pay and for what. Imagine if the peso were to return to 1-1 or even 2-1. There would be plenty of foreign owners who could no longer afford their flats.
54 m, cochera, pool, portero, one modern elevator, 18 units, $280 pesos. Las Can. But we're getting an 11% increase after the elections (supposedly for the portero's salary)
700 pesos, 3 br 2 bth, 110 m2, in Recoleta: no garage, central services or security :(
150 pesos, 2 ambientes, 18 floor tower with 3 elevators, two porteros, and 24/7 security.

Pretty nice, unfortunately you gotta live in Once :)
Includes cable, modern building 16 units, lift, portero/handyman, building always impeccable, las can.

Can't complain.