How The Media Continues To Aid Trump


Where do you get your daily news fix? This article from the website Naked Capitalism is the type of news that I'm interested in reading. It doesn't seem to be biased for or against Trump. Thanks go out to the honorable Baexpats member EdRooney for telling me about this site.

How the Media Continues To Aid Trump
Posted on January 25, 2017 by Yves Smith

Despite the mainstream media, save Fox, either being openly hostile to Trump or often slanting headlines against him even if the actual reporting is “Just the facts, ma’am,” may be doing Trump favors far more routinely than they understand.

Despite regularly treating Trump with disdain and hostility, the press, particularly newspapers fighting for survival, is in an unholy alliance with him.

During the campaign, cable networks couldn’t get enough of Trump. As Forbes said in December:

Donald Trump wasn’t the only winner of this year’s election. The three major cable news networks earned record profits and attracted record audiences as millions of Americans tuned in to watch the dramatic showdown between Trump and Hillary Clinton…

In November, Fox averaged 3.3 million viewers in primetime, a 68% increase over November 2015. CNN averaged 1.5 million viewers, a 128% increase from last November. MSNBC attracted 1.3 million viewers, a 98% increase. Among daytime viewers, Fox News averaged 2 million audience members, compared to 993,000 for CNN and 736,000 for MSNBC. Year over year, daytime viewership grew by 60% for Fox, 75% for CNN, and a remarkable 83% for MSNBC.

Even though the coverage was routinely unflattering, it was no secret that Trump got the equivalent of billions of dollars in free advertising.

Similarly, the New York Times saw an over ten-times increase in new subscriptions shortly after the election versus the same period in 2015. Other publications made very successful post-election subscription pushes.

The wee problem is that more intensive coverage of Trump is not necessarily as bad for Trump as it appears, particularly given the press fondness for focusing on Trump’s hot-headed reactions to criticism and willingness to make stuff up. Of course, it’s not as if politicians don’t do that occasionally, but Trump does it regularly and clumsily.

Don’t believe me? Let’s look at the big actions Trump took yesterday.

To read the rest of the story which includes a video of Trump taking part in a professional wrestling event, go to:


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