How to deal with gun toting youths

Ah too bad... I was expecting to see the gun toting youth get his ass kicked.
markbsas said:
Ah too bad... I was expecting to see the gun toting youth get his ass kicked.

He did and then got arrested for possesion of a fire arm. (Three years minimum in the UK)
A 18 year old was arrested by the Buenos Aires police for the crime of biochemistry Ana Maria Castro in Lanús. The arrest occurred at the intersection of San Carlos and Bolaños in Monte Chingolo.

The boy’s name is Enzo Emanuel Fagundes and he was detained by police as the alleged perpetrator of the murder.

The brutal murder of Ana Maria Castro occurred in broad daylight at about 3.30 p.m. on 1235 Gaebel, only 120 meters from the Departmental Headquarters of Lanús two weeks ago.

Ana Maria left her home to look for a newspaper she had left in the car and was surrounded by two criminals on a motorbike. Then, probably on purpose, car’s alarm went off. One of the criminals then shot her dead on the back of her neck.

A neighbor had to take her to hospital because the ambulance never arrived. Castro died shortly after in Hospital Narciso Lopez.
I've never heard of the term "crime of biochemistry" before.
A friend of mine from Canada who works at the Canadian consulate was mugged at Las Heras Park at 10AM last Monday on his way to work!
arty said:

well we were walking to a creamfields afterparty at 6am in San telmo and i was still hazed from the massive asado we had. Mexico east of piedras is never a good street to walk on at night, but i forgot about that; therefore, on the way back, i noticed a guy pulling a gun out in the middle of the street. The next thing i knew he was robbing a friend and me. he had a crazed coked up look in his eyes, so theres not much i could do considering we had 3 friends that were girls ahead of us. he only got 20p

a few weeks ago i was almost robbed in POHO around the same time

i need to stop hanging around blondes