How to Mail a Letter to the US


May 8, 2009
I have looked here and elsewhere, but have not found an answer to this question - how to mail physical letters back to the US - how to address, how much postage is needed, etc. I know everyone has a horror story about Argentine mail, but I still am quite partial to snail mail letters. It's less important about how fast it gets there than it just gets there.

I don't speak Spanish very well, so I don't feel confident inquiring at Correo Argentino. Does anyone have some advice on this front?

While in the US, I've received several letters through the years via Correo Argentino, without any problems. The horror stories, at least IMO, happen when you send a letter from the US to Argentina via them. (lost / stolen / open letters, specially if they feel there's something else aside regular stationary inside): to me, they are crooks.
You can send mail from any Correo Argentino office; not at stores that have the Correo signs. You can address them like a standard US letter; just add UNITED STATES at the bottom. I don't recall how much it was as I haven't sent a letter in some time, but 1.50 pesos is what I remember. You will not need to know much Spanish as you just hand them the letter and they'll tell you how much it is.

As far as reliability of mail, we have lived here for almost 2 years and regularly receive mail from the US and Australia and have never had a lost or stolen package. In fact, I've found it to be one of the most reliable mail services. The only problem is when you receive packages and you have to pick them up in Retiro -- expect to spend half the day trying to get them.


I have sent mail from one of those shops that says Coreo. Although it did take about three weeks to arrive.:(
Remember though: the address should be in the language of the country of delivery, but the name of the country should be in Spanish.
I don't know where you live/work, but there is a Correo office on 25 de mayo I think at the corner of Peron. Take a number, sit and wait until it comes up on the digital display. Tell them you're mailing to the US (quiero enviarlo(s) a los estados unidos), they may ask you how to send them (como va? or something) and you can just say the cheapest way (lo mas barato) for the easiest and least use of spanish. I think it was around 5.50 last time I sent a single letter.
Hi. If you mail the letter certified, you will receive a tracking number. All the letters that I have mailed that way have arrived. You can also mail express for a little more. The price depends on the weight. The letters I have sent ranged from 16 to 25 pesos with the 25 being express as well. Express arrives in 6 days.

If you go to the places with Correo on it, you won't have to wait long for service. If you go to a real correo, sometimes, the wait is incredibly long. The places with Correo are plentiful and really efficient.

Every letter that has a tracking number on it has arrived. Someone sent me one parcel regular post and it is now lost.

Good luck!
I think you have gotten good advice.

Avoid the official post office at all costs. I know of two older people who went to the post office in their fifties and died of old age before they were served.
I never went to a post office as the lines are too long. I have stamps for postcards, bought in a small shop around the corner, I just put double on it, and my letter arrived in Europe 1 week later. Maybe not the cheapest way, but the easiest for lazy people like me :D.
Letters from EUrope to Argentina take 3 weeks, but eventually, if you are really patient, they arrive...
Address it as you would in the US. Add "EEUU" below the address and "Por Avión" somewhere to the side. Put your return address on the back flap of the envelope. Take it to any Correo and wait about 10-15 minutes for your number to be called. Tell them you want to send it "para seguir" and they'll register it.

It doesn't cost much, but the rates are constantly changing, so it's best to go to the Correo to make sure you have the correct postage.

Delivery is usually 3 - 5 business days. I've never had anything lost, and the only problem I've experienced had to do with back-to-back Argentine and US holidays, which added almost a week to the delivery of some papers a couple years ago. Now I know to check holiday schedules before I mail things!
I just mailed a bunch of letters in the little shop around the corner, that has a "correo argentino" sign. The letters were weighed and stamped. THey costed between 8 and 18 pesos depending the weight.
Piece of cake :D