How To Obtain Cuil?


I tried on ANSES website, but with my spanish I found no answers. Is there a possibility to obtain it on-line? Or do I have to visit them in person (or reserve a turno)?

Many thanks for any advice


I had made a comment in another thread that I thought ANSES was where you go to get a CUIL, and I was corrected in a post that came right after. I don't know if that's where you got the ANSES idea, and if so, I apologize for the error.

You need to go to AFIP to get the CUIL. I think you can apply for it online, but not 100% for sure. It seems that one of my bothers-in-law did that a couple of years ago. He was able to print it out and use it for employment until his official document came to him.

However, you need residency to get a CUIL, just to make sure you know. Depending on what you need it for, if you're not a resident, a CDI is probably what you're looking for, used to purchase things like cars, property, etc.


Wow - this is blowing me away. Heh.

I see two posts referring to ANSES, where I would have sworn, about 5 years ago, I went to get my CDI, which I thought was also where CUIL/CUID had to be applied for. In the other thread where I was corrected, the poster put a link to the info on the AFIP site (if I remember correctly). On ANSES we couldn't find a thing about it. This was about a month or maybe a bit more ago.

Now, I see two saying they went to ANSES...we must be in Argentina!



Cómo generarlo

El trámite para la asignación de CUIL o la modificación de un dato filiatorio puede ser realizado por el titular o un tercero ante la dependencia ANSES más cercana a su domicilio. Si la presentación la efectúa un tercero, además debe presentar ante el empleado de ANSES su DNI original a fin de acreditar su identidad. El agente ANSES verifica que el tercero consigne al dorso de la copia autenticada por el titular, sus datos conforme figuran en el DNI que presenta para acreditar su identidad: apellido y nombre, tipo y Nro. de documento, fecha y firma.
Documentación que debe presentar

Para argentinos o extranjeros con residencia permanente en el país:
  • DNI, LC o LE
  • Como excepción, y en caso de pérdida del documento mencionado, la constancia de documento en trámite y otra documentación donde surja el nombre, apellido, la fecha de nacimiento y Número de documento (ejemplo cédula de identidad, licencia de conducir, Pasaporte)
    Para extranjeros con residencia no permanente en el país:
  • Certificado de la Dirección Nacional de Población y Migraciones, o
  • Pasaporte (en el que conste tipo de residencia, ésta no debe ser turista o permanente), o
  • Permiso de Ingreso al País expedido por Consulados o en virtud de Convenios Internacionales, para el caso de extranjeros que no cuenten con documentación argentina.
  • You need to bring your DNI and passport to your local ANSES office.


Last week I obtained my Permanent Residency. They told me my D.N.I. should arrive in mail between 30-90 days. In the meantime they provided my a document entitled "Certificado De Residencia Precaria." Can I use that along with my Passport to obtain my CUIL? And is it easiest then to go to the office? I live in Micro Centro. Where is there a convenient office? Thanks.