How to Remove a Condo Administrator


Jun 18, 2005
If a group of condo owners are unhappy with the administrator in their building, or if they feel he is corrupt, stealing money, or in this particular case poorly represented them in a 4 year lawsuit, WHAT can they do other than get a lawyer.
they dont want to continue with him at all. they want him stripped of his duties ASAP. how can this be done. is there a city dept. etc. where they can go and complain about the admin? Is there a place with free legal advice on this topic?
what rights do the owners have in a situation where the admin. is behaving like a dictator? (background there was a lawsuit against the consorsio and a look at the court file shows there was hardly any defense at all).
The condo owners should show up at his door banging pots! Suerte!
1. check on your "reglamento de copropiedad" what are the majorities needed for removal, and simply make the decision with the rest ot the apartment owners and remove him. Its not hard or difficult if you all agree (even easier if you have "unanimidad").
2. at least where I used to give free legal advice -Colegio de Abogados-, apartments owners were not eligible for pro bono counsel, even less if this apartments were from areas where the square meter was above u$s 1000
Good luck.
I was sure hoping that some of you out there who sell real estate to expats etc. and those of you who own apartments here, both expat and non, might know which govt. group oversees the building administrators. How do you "denounce" once for poor representation?
Also, there must be an administration college or organization that licenses them, etc. I went to the Collegio de Escribanos and they have a fee clinic etc. and a procedure where you can denounce an escribano for free. Surely there must be something similar for administrators. Could someone share this info with us?
the agency that oversees administradores is the Registro de Administradores del GCBA, you could file a report against your administrador there...their address is Registro Público de Administradores de Consorcio
Patricias Argentinas 277,
Piso 1º
Tel. 4958-6504.
From my point of view, and just like "mediaciones comunitarias" at the CGP, these agencies are not effective and they dont do anything, but who knows, you could try.
Thank you very much. i will pass it on to the neighbors. pity, in my experience also here, no one gets punished in argenitna. the govt. steals, the police steal, administrators can swindle owners, etc. theres crime, but no punishment.
I like the banging on pots idea. How very Argentine...