how to send a container to USA


Feb 22, 2009
A friend of mine an American neighbor needs to send a container to USA Arizona does anyone can recommend which is the best way to send it and how much it can cost approx.
Are the things he has to send business related, and does he work for or is incorporated as a company?

Or are they personal things? In this last case I (personally) suggest talking directly to a moving company.....
I have contacted a few....and the price tends to be all over the map! For a 20 foot container to the West Coast...I have been quoted 5,000 to 10,000 USdollars...

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**Alejandra is who I am working with currently, and this company has the best prices by far!! Just be sure to ask questions over and over...assume nothing....get it all in writing. She has been very helpful and responds quickly. Feel free to tell her I suggested you contact her....
Many thanks , she has to send personal things some Lladros (sculptures she had bought in Spain) this is the most valuable , the rest is also personal I guess a painting and clothes. She has no idea and being 80 years old she is not familiar with the computer so many thanks.