How to watch your watch

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Jul 18, 2009
I have been reading through a couple of old and new threads about scams and thefts, and it seems to me the time has come to show one way to watch your watch


Belt though loop, remember to turn watch upside down, or you'll find it difficult to read the time.

Had it made by a local shoemaker in Chile (~ AR$ 35) based on the pattern from my old military watch protector, which has been worn away throughout the times, and I don't need the outer cover in a less violent environment.
BlahBlah said:
If I was so Schizophrenic like you in Argentina I would definitly return to where I am from
I do not advise that anyone wear a watch that is easily recognised as valuable. The Moto Choros will have it in a flash.
Seems to me it would be easier to steal from your belt.
As you go out together perhaps you could watch over yourselves.
ghost said:
I do not advise that anyone wear a watch that is easily recognised as valuable. The Moto Choros will have it in a flash.

I don't wear a watch but where I go I normally don't have to look out for moto chorros.

Every single post from the guy is how to protect yourself against crime and chorros. If I had to live like that I would return
I personally carry a pencil, a compass and a several photocopied sundial diagrams and thus I am able to tell the time without the burdensome necessity of a watch. For the pibes chorros I have dug a large pit out the front of my house, about 10 metres in depth, planted a dozen sharpened bamboo sticks (1-2 metres in length) firmly at its base and covered it with palm fronds and banana leaves - this was an old trick I learned elephant hunting in the Congo.
Moto chorros are easy - I secret all of my valuables in a cigar case in my anus.
John.St said:
206 post about protecting myself?

Still blah-blah-blah-ing - you sure picked an apropriate user name.

I made my point and there is no need to personally attack me

Thank you very much
Please stop picking on BlahBlah. I found out he has amnesia. He woke up one morning to find himself in Argentina without a clue to his real identity or how to use correct punctuation.

Apparently, he took his name from the label on his underpants.

Too bad he wasn't wearing Calvin Klein.
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