How was the Marathon for you?


May 24, 2009
A few hardy souls from here were down to run the Marathon in BsAs on Sunday - Just wondering how people got on, and if they have any tales to tell, good or bad, about the race.....
I'd be interested to hear as well. I don't think that my knees (one, the other, or both) will ever allow me to finish a marathon, but if they did, then I'd try for next year. (Starting training soon.)

So tell some stories.
I went to support some friends. I thought there were very few people participating.

My friends from Europe were thinking of participating next year, so yes me too I would like to know how it went for the ones who actually ran it. The friends that ran it this WE ran their 1st so they can't tell the difference, but this is not the 1st one I go to as a supporter and I am not convinced...
Well, I am still out of the country, back in three weeks, but as an experienced marathoner, having run 22 of them, and planning to run next years BsAs, as well as the Santiago Marathon in Chile next year (that should count as a 90 day visa run!) - and, wait for it, a distance running coach to boot, I would love to get a group together to train for next year.

But first, lets hear the tales from this years runners - They are probably still recovering, maybe still asleep :)

That is a link to a brief report on Sundays race, with a new record winning time, and over 12,000 participants between the full 42 K and media maraton, with around 6,000 in the marathon. That is a pretty healthy turnout for anywhere outside the BIG Major Marathons. Last year 3,400 finished the 42 K, so a big increase in numbers, no doubt helped by it being the South American Championships too.
I ran the marathon on Sunday - I thought it was a great experience. I will admit that the races here just aren't as good or as organized as the ones in the U.S. but it was still really cool. Adidas sponsored it this year and I think it was a huge upgrade (according to what I've read) from last year's event. The EXPO was fast and easy and well-organized, but very little products were sold. I couldn't get body glide (used to prevent chaffing) or the gel I wanted, but no big deal. The day of the race it was rainy and cold about half of the time, which was sort of miserable but then the sun came out at the midway point and the breeze was nice and cool. There were very few spectators, but I think that was due to the weather. There were a couple of weird things:

There were NO bathrooms! If you are properly hydrated you are going to have to pee sometime in 4-5 hours. Of course, men had the luxury of running off to the side, but women can't/didn't do that. Believe me, if I had seen one doing that I would have followed suit! :) Finally, near the end there were porta-potties...but this was near the 23 mile mark - too far! Also, they gave out full water bottles, instead of cups of water. I thought that was strange because so many runners can't down an entire bottle of water, it will give you a cramp. So most of the bottles thrown down along the side were half-full. Seemed like a huge waste. Plus, people were slipping on the bottles. I am guessing maybe it was cheaper for Adidas to do this than to buy the huge water jugs and paper cups(?). Not sure.

I have to say though, the marathoners themselves were great! Really supportive and fun, cheering along the way, helping each other out. When the half-marathoners split off from us, they cheered and encouraged us. I thought that was cute! It was my first marathon experience, and I am hugely glad I did it. I finished in 4:29. Not stellar, but not awful! One major complaint at the end is that you have to either wait for an hour to get a taxi home, or walk about 2 miles down to get one. Either way, you just ran a friggin' marathon and are exhausted so that sucks! Ha! That was probably waaay more info than you wanted, but there it is, anyway.
Well done Katie - Sounds like you enjoyed it overall. As to the water thing, I will be working the Dublin Marathon next week, at a water station, and we have small bottles of water to hand out, with sports tops - They are around 100ml each, and very handy as you dont get as much spillage, and there is enough water for most occassions (unless it was unbearably hot - yeh right, this is Dublin!) - As a runner I hate plastic cups, more water gest spilled on me than drunk.... Plus its easier to sweep up the bottles :)..

Amazed about the bathrooms, or lack thereof, mind you I have seen my share of sites with women runners in my day - jajajajajaja.... Pride takes a hammering when you are desperate.....

Congrats on 4.29, brilliant effort, and hope to run with you and otehrs when I get back.
Well done Katie!

As a spectator I didn't think it was a lot of fun, not to be compared to the others I have supported. There was no real good athmosphere (among the spectators), in fact, they were very few spectators. The last one I supported was Berlin and there the city was upside down it was as much fun to stand waiting for your friends to pass than to run it yourself. (I think, I never ran one :D), with people singing, bands playing,...

BTW Liam, my friend who is thinking to run BA next year, is running Dublin next week:) maybe you should give her an extra bottle of water :D
Really awesome, Katie. Many kudos to you!

I tried to run a half-marathon of my own with a friend from Norway -- I got to 11.5 miles and had to stop. My Norwegian friend, of course, finished it out. (grrr!)

So, now that my ego is bruised, I will be doing it again this week. Not quite what you did (congratulations again!), but a start nonetheless!
Katti - Well, Berlin is one of the Biggest, up there with New York, London, Boston.... So I would expect the atmosphere to be brill. Shame to say that Dublin is quiet on the spectator front, except at the finish, (and at out Water Station) - To be fair, Marathon Races are not the greatest spectator sport - Maybe when there are 30,000 runners it can be fun, but smaller marathons don't really generate the fun -

I'll look out for your friend, we will be staffing the water station just after the Halfway House, around mile 14 - One extra bottle ready :)