"How will the new adjustment of the CABA ABL be starting in January"....


Jun 6, 2005
1 December 2020
....The Tax on Lighting, Sweeping and Cleaning (ABL) of the City of Buenos Aires will be adjusted on a monthly basis starting next January and will take as a reference the evolution of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) released by the General Directorate of Statistics and Buenos Aires census....

Based on the scheme set by the Buenos Aires Government, specified in the Budget project sent to the Legislature, the first installment corresponding to January 2021 will take the inflation of August 2020, which was 2.4%, and will update progressively, always with a lag of six months....In this way, the February increase will be 2.2% and 2.5% in March, based on the records of the Buenos Aires CPI for September and October. This new scheme will replace the current methodology, which applied the increase directly to the first installment and in its entirety.

....those who pay the total tax in advance will have an increase of only 15% in relation to the previous year, while those who have paid the 2020 installments at term and do not have debt, will have a bonus of 10 percent. If you adhere to the automatic debit before June 30, 2021, the bonus will be 100% for the last installment, only applicable to human persons who have received the bonus for good payment compliance....

....As explained by the City Government, it is a "temporary adjustment program" because of the reduction of the 1.18% of co-participation that the National Executive Power defined by decree and that would reach $52,000 million....