I just want to say.........

I take it your first day at work was a good one?!:D

I do love Bs As and have gone through all the stages - first infatuation when everything was perfect, then the stage where everything pissed me off and now the stage where I'm back to loving it because of its imperfections and quirks. At this point in my life, it is the most stable relationship I have;):p
This isn't in danger of being 'the longest thread ever' is it?

Hi guys,
Thank you for all this message! You are all Buenos Aires lovers, and thats great, you are wright! Buenos Aires is an unbelievable city! Romantic, dynamic, charming...
There is always something to do or to see over here!
Here is e list of the best things to do in Buenos Aires! And with all the activities, tours, or visit that it's possible to do in this great city!
Well said Joe Kelly!!!! ..........Yes, BA kicks ass!!!

I think citygirl is right I went through a love.... then sort of pissed off frustrated stage .. and now back to at least a very good friendship with Buenos Aires also.....
I still cant understand many things..why?? why???? but I am here ....I am staying and I dont have to be here.. so well said Joekelly......
drink up!!!!! cheers... Steve
I went from hating BA when I was single, to yearning for it while living in the States, back to hating it when I first moved here, and now that I live part time in the country I love it again.