I leave the US for BsAs on Thursday!!! (packing question)


Dec 2, 2008
Hey -

I leave soon for Buenos Aires and could not be more excited. Is there anything that you forgot to pack or that you recommend as a must, something I may be taking for granted or something I might be thinking I can get there that I can't. Any recommendations?

See all of you soon!
If u need transport from the airport, u can call Baires vans, great service! Is a family bussines company, call Federico at 154-569-3231. U can trust him!
Hi halYEM.

We depend on our computer equipment to work from here and stay connected, so electronics are important for us. They are also very expensive here, so pack up anything you can bring and will need duing your stay, otherwise you may pay lots more for it here. Some things that come to mind; laptops, unlocked GSM cell phone, wifi router, VoIP (US phone # over internet), cameras, and misc computer accesories. If you bring any new electronics, make sure you leave the packaging and make things look old, in case you get stopped by customs at the airport.

Other than that, we always bring some comfort "basics" we cant seem to get here; bagels, dryer softerner sheets, food seasoning, good linens, etc.

Good luck!
i was considering getting an unlocked phone but didnt know if i should. thanks.
if not you can buy a new mobile for 100 pesos, so no biggie.

Range is limited here, so if you're particular to any spices, seasonings, toileteries, make up etc stock up while you can!
Bring converter plugs for your computer or you can go to casa de transformers and buy a powerstrip with US/Argentina plugs. Also if you like spicey food than bring your own spices/seasonings. Check your international plans before you start using your unlock phone.
halYEM said:
i was considering getting an unlocked phone but didnt know if i should. thanks.

If you do, make sure it is a cuatriband GSM one. Its supose to be compatible everywhere.
Also do not forger the proper adapter for the charger.
Bring medication that you're use to taking. You will not find Advil, Tylenol or Nyquil. For some reason there has been a flu floating around here, I got 3 times in the past 3 months, and wish I had NyQuil.
You can find NyQuil at some pharmacies. They ususally keep it behind the counter.
thanks everybody for your help.
if unlocked phones are only 100 pesos then i think ill just stick to waiting.