I wanna get naked this summer!

Has anyone ever thought about having/attending a (very private) clothing optional wine tasting event?:D

If you have, just send me a PM.

(Total discretion assured.):cool:
a friend of mine just 2 weeks ago went to Palos Verdes (one of the ones listed in sernudista.com.ar). I thought it was just a nudista country park, but he says it's really quite full on, with rooms for sex where people leave the door open when they're happy for others to join them (or not, according to their wishes), and places in the woods where you come across people having sex, in couples and in groups. In fact, I just looked at the website and it does indeed say it's a swingers place. However, he spoke very well of everyone there and says there is no pressure whatsoever for you to join in, you can just go and enjoy being a nudista in a lovely setting, without getting involved in any sexual overtones. He said the place itself was fabulous, with wonderful walkways in the woods. However, he did also say that he saw things that he couldn't even tell me about...
If going over to Punta, you might stop at Chihuahua (sp?) Beach. There's something about a wrinkly 55 year old leathery sun worshipping woman with a perfect fake rack that tells you...

"Your trip to Punta is now complete."

Chihuahua is certainly the best! Just minutes from Punta del Este, and a lot cheaper, none of that stupid glitz, just the sun, sand, and skin!
I just come from there! I love that beach!
:confused: Why is it that the people I want to see naked at the beach, never are? And the ones I'd never want to see, always are?

A common misconception about Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, people think topless, but topless is illegal here. The movie "Blame it on Rio" is all about something that doesn't exist here.:cool: