I want to introduce myself (with picture)


Sep 11, 2008
Hola Buenos Aires,
I am new on this forum and I want to introduce myself a little..
My name is Eva and I live in the Netherlands (nearby Amsterdam), I am 19 years old and I love to sport and reading books, chillin' in parks, going out etc etc
at the end of the year, 12 november, I come over to BA for doing a Spanish course (1 month) and to do some volunteer work with people who don;t have money. (also a month) Both of the months are by an international organisation)
After this two months, I want to work in BA and hire my own apartment. So if you know a little job for me (it can be in a restaurant, cleaning work, in a store, au pair or babysitting.... or anything else) you can always send me an email. Or to give me some tips; how to find work
my email is [email protected]
Or if you besides the 19-25 years old and you want to show me some nice places in Buenos Aires and going out for a night, that would be great

You can also send me an email or react on this message, if you know some apartments in recoleta or palermo. I think it is really cosy to live with other people, at least one. So, for that you can also send a reaction to me ;)
muchas gracias
Hasta la vista!! Besos Eva
Hey Eva,

Ik heb 1 jaar in Buenos Aires gewoond (ben net een paar maandjes terug) en ik kan je wel helpen met je vragen. Je kunt me toevoegen op msn... r.lehmann-at-home.nl (je moet de -at- vervangen door een @).