I Went To See A Band...


I am going to try to keep track of the music I see.

Saturday, this guy was playing at the Underground Market. He was entertaining, not exactly going to be the next Lady Gaga, though.



Much better, Saturday Night at Matienzo-
opening band was Los Espiritus.
Rockabilly Tango Psychedelic Guitar Jams, with an incredible light show.
The lead singer fancies himself a cross between Dick El Demasiado and Eugene Hutz, but the two guitar players rock.



oops- Forgot- Thursday I went to see Martin Buscaglia do a solo turn at the ever classy Cafe Vinillo.

I like him better with a band, but he is soulful, sincere, and can really play a guitar when he wants to, and has a beautiful voice. I think of him as the Devandra Barnhart of Uruguay.

He did this song, and managed to get the audience to sing the chorus- and the audience was really really good- a lot of girls there could really sing.



Last night, I went to the triumphant home town return of Juana Molina.
She hasnt played in BsAs for a while, probably a year or more, and she just put out a new album, and has been on tour- she was in Tokyo and Hong Kong last week.
So this was a big event for a lot of people, and the place was packed.
The last time I was at El Teatro on Federico LaCroze, it was kind of an ashtray- and mostly playing punk and heavy metal. Now, they have cleaned it up, renovated, and installed a killer PA and lighting. Great place to see a show.
It was packed with 4' 6" 80 pound chicas- they love Juana, even though she is old enough to be their mother- and they were singing along to all the old songs, bouncing to the new ones.
Juana has gotten funkier - a year or so ago she bought her first electric guitar and some effects pedals, and she is rocking it, louder, faster, and with a young, talented backup band.
Best show I have seen in a while, plus, her celebrity parents were even in attendance.



We went to see Las Pastillas del Abuelo at Technopolis in October and it was pretty amazing. Never ever in my entire life have I seen a crowd (i think it was 15,000) that was so pumped, the music was excellent, they really put on an amazing show. We met a few of the band members afterward and they were super friendly.

Check the link below for some footage I took, the crowd looked like liquid at times :p



Love Juana Molina! She's popular here in Seattle with the young, hipster set and plays at least one show a year.

My porteña wife can't stand her music though. She thinks she was a much better comic.


I saw her play in Bellingham once. If you watch the comedy show, its pretty "broad"- and most of the comedy is about as sophisticated as I Love Lucy. I much prefer her music.
And a lot of Portenos agree- she is quite popular here.


Entre Rios has changed a bit over the years- its always Sebastian Carreras, with one or more female vocalists. Current line up is three women- on on keys and programming, one on drums, one on vocals, along with Carreras.
They just completed a cycle of 4 performances in collaboration with artist Bruno Giaducce, who designed a virtual environment of light for them to perform in.
I was lucky enough to catch the last one on Saturday at an elegant gallery in Palermo. Mostly it wasnt as moody and ambient as this vid- it was more 80's synth pop rocking, with psychedelic lights.

more info on the project here-



Late Saturday night, I slipped over to Matienzo to see Axel.
Axel Krygier is sort of mad mix of Ron Burgandy, Charlie Chaplin, Tom Waits, Bugs Bunny, and Eugene Hutz. But he can play a half dozen instruments better than any of them.
Saturday at Matienzo, he had kind of the Axel Superband- Alejandro Teran on Clarinet and Violin and Percussion, the amazing Ezequiel Cutaia on bass, Manuel Schaller on Theremin and samplers- plus his usual incredible drummer and guitar player.
The music was all over the map- Spagetti Western Cumbia, perhaps? The musicians were all very very good, but they were goofing around and having fun, bouncing all over the stage.
Axel, en Vivo, is not to be missed.