i will be running my vintage stall at san telmo market tomorrow

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Jul 29, 2008
for those girls who like vintage clothing, i will be resuming my stall at the san telmo flea/street market as of tomorrow all day. i trade on defensa, on the block between moreno and belgrano streets. i've had vintage stalls for several years on brick lane and at the upmarket, both in shoreditch, east london.

i have a nice selection of reasonably priced vintage pieces i've picked up here there and everywhere. come down and say hi. i usually have my pitch at the belgrano end of the block. my name is vanessa, i am tall and have dark hair as a reference point.
I'm looking for vintage cat eye glasses. Can you keep me in mind if you find any? I'll say hello is I get there. But tomorrow I need to check out the market in Belgrano. Suerte! Have fun!
I adore vintage clothes but I avoid San Telmo whenever possible;) Do you ever sell anywhere else? Or do you ever do trunk shows or the like?
citygirl, i will be starting a website for deluxe vintage and doing a couple of sales with a friend of mine hopefully as of this month. the idea would be a pop up boutique with cupcakes etc and music.

we will sort out an event page on facebook and set the advertising/self promotion wheels in motion.

i have LOTS of lovely vintage if you wanted to come over one afternoon to my flat in montserrat, we could meet for a coffee first if you like, whenever you're free.

send me a pm if interested!
I would deffo be interested in those sales if you get them organized...
i will keep everyone posted/informed as and when the sales start/location etc.

ashley, thanks for the interest.
I'd be interested in finding you on FB once the events page is up and running....look forward to seeing your stuff!
thanks guys. this is really encouraging feedback. interestingly, the sales i made on my first day yesterday were all to non argentines. the san telmo market is limiting for me though, in contrast to east london, as on brick lane, pretty much everyone was my target audience. yesterday there were probably only 10 potential customers who i spotted, all of whom browsed and several bought from me.

i therefore think here in BA i need to actively find my customer base instead of waiting for them to come to me. san telmo market IS hectic and i think sales will fare better if i go the way of one days sales/website mediums. i will be doing cupcakes and baked goods for my market stall instead (piloting this next sunday, if you are hankering for a sweet treat, cupcakes/fairy cakes, potentially flapjacks, and other british goodies). spread the word!
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