Iberia Strike Am I Screwed?


Hello guys this is the first time i will have a strike in the day i flight, so any advice to know what i should do in this case will be appreciated, My flight is on the 19 of December in Iberia Airlines (the Spanish Airline), it scale on Madrid and final destination Berlin, this week i realize that there will be a strike of that airline worldwide from the 13 to the 19 included.

What shall i expect? What are my options here? any advice will be welcomed, i had called the airline company and they don't know nothing, they only tell me that 3 days before my flight they will let me know if the flight depart or not :(


I am equally interested, flying Iberia out of Mendoza to Madrid on the 12th, then Iberia on the 13th to Porto.

One piece of good luck is that I bought my ticket in Europe, where the rules are strict - according to them, Iberia must find another plane - but do they?


As a member of IATA (International Air Transport Assoc), Iberia tickets may be endorsed to any other IATA carrier whenever a work stopage occurs and prevents the carriage of passengers - provided, of course, that IB will actually endorse over the ticket, which they should do in order to maintain any level of future customer loyalty. You may not receive an affirmation of this from IB at this time, so be sure to check on this with them when they contact you re your scheduled flight. If you end up at EZE on your day of travel and learn then that your flight is canceled, by all means demand an endorsement so that you can at least attempt to use another carrier to Berlin.


1. Do you have travel insurance?

2. Did you pay using a credit card?

If either of these then try calling the companies concerned.

3. Flight delay compensation is available for flights into or out of the EU with any carrier registered in the EU - which obviously includes Iberia

I assume that a strike is not an Exceptional Circumstance Here are the details from http://europa.eu/you...ir/index_en.htm

Refund or alternative transport

If you are denied boarding or your flight is cancelled or overbooked, you are entitled to either:
  • transport to your final destination using comparable alternative means, or
  • having your ticket refunded and, where relevant, being returned free of charge to your initial departure point.
Long delays – if your flight is delayed by 5 hours or more, you are also entitled to a refund (But if you accept a refund, the airline does not have to provide any further onward travel or assistance).
Your airline must inform you about your rights and the reason for being denied boarding, or any cancellations or long delays (over 2 hours, although this may be up to 4 hours for flights in excess of 3500 Km).
Food and board

You may also be entitled to refreshments, meals, communications (such as a free phone call), and, if necessary, overnight stay, depending on the flight distance and length of delay.
Financial compensation

In addition, if you are denied boarding, your flight is cancelled or arrives more than 3 hours late, you may be entitled to compensation of €250 - 600, depending on the distance of the flight:
Within the EU
  • 1,500 km or less – €250
  • over 1,500 km – €400
Between EU airport and non-EU airport
  • 1,500 km or less – €250
  • 1,500 – 3,500 km – €400
  • over 3,500 km – €600
The distance is calculated from the airport where you were unable to board the plane – this may not be where you started your journey.

If the carrier offered you an alternative flight with a similar schedule, the compensation may be reduced by 50%.
With cancelled flights, you won'treceive compensation if:
  • the cancellation was due to extraordinary circumstancesfor example due to bad weather, or
  • you were informed 2 weeks before the scheduled flight date, or
  • you were offered an alternative for the same route with a similar schedule to the original one.
For cancellation due to extraordinary circumstances you may not have the right to compensation, the carrier must still offer you either:
  • a ticket refund (in full or just the part you have not used)
  • alternative transport to your final destination at the earliest opportunity or
  • rebooking at a later date of your choice (subject to seat availability).
Even in extraordinary circumstances, airlines must provide assistance when necessary, while you are waiting for alternative transport.
How to get a refund or compensation

Submit an air passenger rights EU complaint form
[119 KB] to your airline – and make sure you keep a copy for yourself.


According to http://blog.arguscar...a-strike-update - December 03, 2012 by Fiona Hilliard

"The union at Spanish airline Iberia has just announced that its planned strikes will go ahead for December 14th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 29th and 21st."

If this holds, I seem to be safe, but poor lamarque isn't - I feel for you :-((


Another problem is that Iberia is notoriously bad at compensating - lost luggage, cancellations, delays, ...


There is a law in Spain that requires unions to provide "minimum services " even when they are on strike.

This means that probably about 50% of the services will operate - this is why the airline says they wont know until three days before.

In any case if your flight doesn't operate you will have alternate arrangements made for you
Good info, so now the question is if a strike is a extraordinary circusnstance
lamarque, then Iberia Air will owe you, if over 3,500 km – €600- for their strike causing you
inconviniences? Hope you or Iberia Air find you an alternate Airliner for your planned trip.


lamarque, then Iberia Air will owe you, if over 3,500 km – €600- for their strike causing you
inconviniences? Hope you or Iberia Air find you an alternate Airliner for your planned trip.
Thanks all for the very good info provided, at least i have 50% chances of pass my christmast in Germany, the money compensation is good but don't fix the fact that i loose my free week :(