Ice Hockey in BA?? I know...


Sep 9, 2009
Hey all. So I am very "into hockey" having played Men's rec for the past 10 years, and of course enjoy watching. It's probably the single biggest thing I will miss when I move down here (peanut butter a close second).

So, is there any possibility of intramural ice hockey here? Maybe a group of Canucks and Americans even that meet every week? something?

Its not just the excercise, but for me, I have found intramural sports are an amazing way to meet new people in a big City (especially other guys).

I realize soccer is beyond huge and I would play that too (only not nearly that good and I am sure compared to locals, I'm terrible), but are there Men''s Rec Leagues here? How does one join? Is it expensive?

suggestions? thoughts?
Not a lot of ice-rinks down here....:D

Go Sens.... GO..... !!!!
Neil: Sadly I have just discovered this... Went out to a rink in Flores on "Av. RaviDavi??" and well...I hate to use the word "sad", because i know they are trying...but I died a bit inside.

Are there any better options? And Rec Hockey? Do you think there is any demand for it, even just among the expat community? With 15 Million people can't we get just like .1%.....
Put 2 very small (least numbers allowed) teams together and get playing !!! Come on, there has to be AT LEAST 1 good ice hockey rink around.... want something done right you have to do it YOURSELF !!! MAKE IT HAPPEN !!!
Yes, I agree about trying to organize it, but Ice hockey is a little bit tougher than trying to come up with a pick up 5v5 basketball league.

The one rink I saw was super small and pretty "tired". I doubt there is anything even approaching small college size rink, or something. Does anyone know?

If that's the case I would certainly look to do it. I may just settle for organizing a "street hockey" league....
Do what the locals do -- forget the ice, play roller hockey. Go to the Rosedal any weekday evening or anytime on the weekends and there are always a few teams out. Just chat with them and see what's what -- there's usually at least a few Scandanavians and North Americans amongst them so language shouldn't be a problem. One of my friends used to run a league there, unfortunately he's left town, but if you go to the park you should have no problem conecting with some players. If they're not there yet, just give them a few weeks, the days will be getting longer so they'll be out in full soon enough.

Awesome suggestion, thank you. I am hoping to move here in March but figured I am here now to scout it out. Roller sounds at least like a decent alternative. Especially if enough guys for a mini-legue or something...thanks..

Now all I have o do is find Rosedal....

Thank you so much....!!!!:D
Roller Hockey is played at a covered rink at PERU BEACH in San Isidro. Literally just steps from the train stop.

Look it up.
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You can enter to the Rosedal from Dorrego or off of Libertador anywhere between Dorrego and what, Salguero? Someone can correct me on what the bordering street is.
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