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Jul 15, 2008
I found this gentleman through a recommendation listed on baexpats a while ago, but I just wanted to restate how great his services are...

While searching for a dog for our son, we found there are a lot of pitfalls to the process in Argentina. We didn't know where to look, we didn't know who was telling us the truth, and we didn't know much about dogs. Thankfully Jim Anderson of PetsVentura was recommended to us. Part of his consulting services is helping to match you with just the right kind of dog and using his large network of breeders to find a first quality puppy for you. All guaranteed. He was a tremendous help to us, and I felt I should pass on his information to the BAIN community. I can't recommend him enough if you're looking to buy a dog here.


Jim Anderson
Founder & CEO

PetsVentura Pet Relocation Solutions

Work: 54 (11) 4836-2290
Mobile: 54 (911) 5922-0712
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I would just like to say that I am surprised that anyone is recommending buying a dog or cat from a breeder here in Buenos Aires.

There are thousands of homeless dogs and cats on the streets. There are some very caring organizations that find these animals who have been left behind, abandoned, or literally thrown out onto the street, and clean them up, give them their shots, and adopt them out. Thanks to breeders, such as the ones that Pet Ventura is working with, there are even more helpless dogs and cats who cannot find a home as they are competing with expensive, purebred, puppies and kittens.

For those who are thinking of adopting a pet, I urge you not to go to a company like Pet Ventura that helps in the mass breeding of animals in Argentina, but rather go to an adoption organization in Buenos Aires who has thousands of wonderful and friendly animals to adopt who NEED a home. Please look around the streets of Buenos Aires and remind yourself that these animals that you see have not chosen to be on the street but rather have been forced to survive on their own. And, with a little love and care, will be the most amazing pets in the world.

If you love dogs and cats, please look to help one that is in need of a loving home rather than going to your nearest breeder and buying a puppy or kitten. The only way to stop the mass breeding of these animals is to STOP buying them.

If you would like to adopt an animal in Buenos Aires that is in dire need of a home, please check out these two local sites:

There is nothing wrong with buying a dog from a reputable breeder. However buying dogs from a puppy mill is.
I do not agree that adopting a dog is a good idea. Adopted and mixed breeds are subject to a range of diseases and might cost you a fortune in veterinarian costs. Not to mention the grief when the dog dies prematurely.
I myself have a dog that I found here in the streets of Buenos Aires and he is perfectly healthy, well-behaved, and absolute a joy to have.

My family has always adopted dogs from the animal shelter, they have never had diseases like you mention, nor died 'prematurely'. In fact, mixed breeds also have much better temperaments than pure breeds, plus are naturally stronger in their health because of the mix in breed. They do not more prone to disease nor complications.

I love all animals and love a pedigree as much as a 'mutt', but cannot agree that there will be any difference in health, personality, nor that they die 'prematurely'.
I know of only one couple here who adopted from an animal shelter and the dog died within a month.

Do you seriously think that dogs that you have no clue who their parents were or even what breed they are a mix of is a better choice than buying from a professional breeder?

You say that you love all animals. But do you also eat meat? If you can feed your dog meat then why would you care about dogs in animal shelters? Having pets is not loving animals. Don't kid yourself.
"Having pets is not loving animals" I think I will stop this conversation right there. I will continue on promoting the adoption of those animals who need homes and you can continue promoting... well, I'm not really sure anymore what you are promoting nor what you are saying.

I believe in adoption for all, including human adoption (which I am guessing you are also opposed to as you often don't know the parents in those situations either), and helping those in need. And I assure you, in all respects, that I am not kidding myself.
Honestly, it is probably better to adopt from a shelter for personal health reasons.
All the turds on the street from the stray dogs are a breeding ground for disease not to mention the abundence of flys.

Another site which might be helpful:

It's hard to find a responsible breeder and I understand why people would want a pure bred dog - thats the reason we have so many different breeds - however I would say that it couldn't hurt to check out the local shelters. There are some pure bred dogs in there. I'm working in a shelter right now and we have plenty of pure breds.
Either way, it does end up being a personally choice. I hope that whomever is looking for a pet takes the first step in educating themselves first.

Orwellian - dogs are domesticated animals, not wild animals. It was humans who domesticated them thousands of years ago. Thus making us responsible. You don't have to get a dog or any kind of pet.